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Friday, March 12, 2004


Mindful of the Moment...

It's great to see Dick getting his life in order (see below). I, on the other hand, am falling apart. In my new quest to be more mindful of the moment, the little things...moment by moment, seem to be driving me nuts! I just got back from the company gym. Here is what happened...keep in mind that it's a struggle to actually get myself to drag my J.Lo looking ass down there in the first place! So, as I found myself happily 20 minutes into a good sweat on the glider...of course the fire alarm goes off! What do I do? Nothing! It's business as usual until someone tells me that we have to go outside (if it was up to me, I'd take my chances with the 'fire'). It's cold and windy out there & I am now covered in chill inspiring sweat. I say, loudly, to no one in particular, "I'm gonna freeze out there!...it works...someone gives me her extra sweat jacket. Was I saved? NO! It's not exactly spring here yet & now I'm standing in a cold parking lot in sweaty clothes. The firemen arrived, took forever to come to the conclusion (I could have told them this!) that there is NO FIRE! At this point I am numb & my wet clothes are now frozen to my icy body. I experience a feeling of great joy when we are finally told that we can go back inside. I took a hot shower & went back up to my desk. I should be grateful that I am now dry & inside, right? I really would be, if I could lose this pissed off, cold feeling! My only consolation is that it's Friday, & I won't have the opportunity to be pissed off at work again until Monday! ~Chick

Wednesday, March 03, 2004


Chick..want to fool around?

My apartment has been transformed into someone else's place. I hardly recognize anything from B.R. (before roomate), it's ALL her stuff. Which is fine bcs my stuff was a bunch of crap anyway. It's nice to sleep on a real bed, I've slept on a couch for 3 years that was a foot smaller than my body. I just feel like the life as I knew it, has vanished. I really haven't had time to morn the demise of my bachelorhood. I guess it'll hit me when a hot, sexy woman wants to be my intern for a night, ok... so I guess it'll never hit me.
My life is starting to finally get organized, I'm actually seeing light at the end of the tunnel, which means something bad is bound to happen. I'm no fool. It's from all those years of being a NY Jet fan. They could be winning by 21 points with 10 seconds left and still loose. What the Jets teach me about life, something bad can ALWAYS happen at ANY time. Thanks Vinny.
So tomorrow I have to take my future stepson to his new school, which I'm sure is a far cry below what he had been going to. I feel nervous for him and I kind of feel like it's my fault his life is turning upside down. Then I have to sign papers for my new car, and then move the remaining items out of my roomies house into storage. Fun.
If I was born gay, I'd probably have a fantastic apartment to begin with, my bills would be paid, I WOULD be having anal sex, and my biggest problem would be whether to go to San Fran or upstate NY to get legally married.
A note to all homos out there, trust me you DON'T want marriage to be legal.~Dick

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