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Sunday, October 31, 2004


Dreaming About Dick

Weird...had a dream about Dick last night. He died. It was very real. I woke up glad that it was a dream. In the dream, I called Dick. A man answered. He said that if I was a friend, he'd tell me what had happened to Dick. I said that he'd BETTER tell me (I got annoyed...I didn't like his tone of voice, he seemed kinda arrogant). He proceeded to tell me that while Dick was in South America buying drugs, he was killed. I was stunned...what was Dick doing so far from home? The arrogant voice on the other end of the phone wouldn't tell me any more details. He hung up after abbruptly saying goodbye. In my dream, I came to the conclusion that Dick went on his ill fated mission, in order to buy drugs to sell in the states, to get large sums of $$$ to keep his girlfriend from leaving him. I was sure I was right...what else could it have been? Love and insecurity had driven him though the jungles of South America...to his untimely death. I woke up with a...what the fuck?!...feeling. Like, what crazy place in hell did THOSE thoughts come from?!

The Dream Dictionary says:

You may feel genuine anxiety for that person's well-being. The death may be more symbolic than that as you struggle with the reality of your love for that person as weighed against repressed anger towards them.

Sums it up pretty well for me ; )

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