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Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Cut Off

There are idiots out on the road, I’ve seen them, been followed & menaced by them & I still do not see the point of what they do. They scream, red faced, with veins bulging, through closed windows, traveling at high speeds down the highway. Do they think anyone can hear them?! Do they care? Is it just blind rage that inspires such ridiculousness?

Last night, while innocently driving myself home from another day at work, this maniac in a beat up blue car decided to cut me off. Fine, I think to myself, I’ll just turn the radio up & keep singing (I had a funky station on the radio & it was playing “It’s Raining Men”...nope, I’m not kidding...what a fun, silly song, great to sing along with & always makes me smile). I truly did not want to deal with road rage at this point in my day. Up the road I traveled, one lane became two lanes. Mr. “I just cut you off” slows to a crawl, forcing me to pass his ass in the left lane (proper passing procedure, I do believe). Somehow, this angers him. Suddenly, he turns his brights on behind me, blinding me. Why is he mad? He cut ME off?! Why would you try & blind the person in front of you? Making me lose control could only cause an accident for him too. I know that you shouldn’t try to comprehend “CRAZY” because there’s no explaining it...but who...in their sane mind, doesn’t try to understand what these people could possibly be thinking by doing such things?

He continued to follow me the rest of my journey home. I couldn’t lead him to my house & let this crazed wacko know where I lived...so what did I do? I pulled into my neighbor’s driveway. Nice of me to bring senseless lunacy to his doorstep, right? As I sat in my car, my heart beating through my chest, the hysterical fanatic sealed the driveway off by blocking it with his car. The only option that sprang into my brain was; I could beep the horn like a mad woman, in a, probably, vain attempt to scare him away...but I thought, this could backfire & bring the neighbor out of his house where he would be undoubtedly shot dead by this lunatic. My best option would have been using my cell phone to call the police, but unfortunately for me, I can not get any reception in my neighborhood. As I sat in my car, feeling like a scared idiot, Mr. crazy just might have had enough (demented psychos, thankfully...are not known for their infinite patience). He screeched away, doing about 80 MPH down my quite, residential street.

I will live to see another day...& the crazy people get more time to think about new ways to torture me or plot my demise.
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