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Thursday, November 18, 2004



SN (who probably does not want me to link to her) put it very well when she
wrote, "I can see it all there in your eyes...what we have is enough"

I've decided that I have a need to appreciate all that I have in my life that
make if worth actually getting out of bed each morning. (NO, this is not some
kind of Thanksgiving inspired, hokey, sunshine & light post that could possibly
make you vomit, at least I hope it's not).

Sometimes, it's nice to feel you have enough. By that I mean, to take a break
from wanting. To be content to as long as you can stand it. So far, I've felt
this way for...oh, I don't know...maybe two hours, pretty good, huh?

Without going into detail about these things (because they also suck sometimes)
these things make me feel like I have 'enough':

My husband (who takes my shit...sometimes.)

Our families (unconditional love comes to mind.)

Funny & caring friends near & far (crap, do I have to put Dick in this

My great house (it's got a cool, Brady Bunch oven in a brick wall in the kitchen.)

My cool, creative job (it doesn't suck.)

Ah, the peace I feel from knowing that I have enough. How long do you think this feeling will last?

thank you hon...for the not...and such...

i think most people would look at all i get from that situation and say it was little
i just know how it makes me feel when i think of it
and that
without the little i am lucky to have
i just do not know what i would do.
and so.....it is enough.
i like your list...joy in the simple things - can get you through until tommorrow.
You are welcome, sweetie. Sometimes you have to keep telling yourself that (about the little things).
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