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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


For The Love of Shoes

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Women & shoes...ever since I wore my first Maryjane's in grade school, my love of shoes has known no bounds. Would I spend $255.00 on these kick ass Kate Spade pumps if it was at all possible at this point in my life? You bet my booty I would! A girl's got to have her indulgences, right? The instant gratification I'd experience, first trying them on, walking around the store (falling more in lust with the shoes from the new...4 precious inches higher height that these shoes would bestow on me), paying for them & finally leaving the store with my treasure. If someone asked me if I'd whore myself out for shoes...I'd have to say...depends on the shoes : )

Inspired by a short post involving...shoes by Naughtier Nate

*raises hand*
yup, me too
Those shoes are HOT!!

i'd by them for you, chick, i really would,

if you'd promise to model them for me... and, well...
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