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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


"Let the Fun Out"

OK...who put the Reddi-Wip (that's actually how it's spelled...
stump your friends with trivia like this...& they'll love you forever...
or be so annoyed that they'll kick you in the ass...can't possibly lose
either way!) in my fridge? I found it there last night...while I was standing
in front of the fridge with the door open...looking for nothing in particular.
My sis must have brought it with her sinful pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.
Anyway, there it was. I looked at it ...& in an instant...I had the cap off...
& a mouthful of cream. Sweet lord...that stuff is yummy! What the fuck
am I going to do with this stuff??? I'm alone for the next couple of days...
alone in the house with Reddi-Wip ? Holy Mother of God...
what's a girl to do?! It just seems a shame to lick it off myself.
I feel like a kid with a cool toy...& no one to play with.

I checked out The Reddi-Wip site. They have a section called
Reddi-Wip Moments. If I wasn't alone...I'd send mine in.

oh, yeah - reddi-whip!

i think i can help you out..

i just need directions
...ok...you take the Reddi-Wip...& spray it on a body part...then...

Oh...did you mean...directions to find me?! ; )

yeah, directions to find you ..

i KNOW what to do with the reddi wip -- where i met put it, where it might go, where i might lick it...
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