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Monday, November 22, 2004



I just checked myself out in the ladies room mirror. I had gotten dressed
for work this morning with the best of intentions (as I always try to),
but I seemed to have missed the mark somehow today. I'm wearing
black pants with a grey top & black boots. Very bland & without color,
I thought...but then I saw the PINK...& I DO mean pink, panties I had on
underneath. They match perfectly to the PINK bra I also have on today.

My mood is consistent with my wardrobe. I feel sort of conservative
& restrained on the outside...but full of life & color on the inside.
hello, chick ... just the kind of girl i love to see .. conservative, restrained, delightful black boots -- and SEXY, sexy pink panties -- ready to come alive at just the right moment..

reminds me of Hillary, the co-worker, so sophisticated, restrained, and so obviously in need of something MORE...
Nate, the..."in need of something...MORE"...part is right ; ) Chick
seems we're both needing a little MORe....

want to meet for "lunch"?
LUNCH would be great...what are we having?
i know what i'm having ..

a big serving of YOU
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