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Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Hold the phone...

I NEVER said they'd be romantic, plus, I had already bought the crotchless ones. I might have said I had a romantic night, candles, music, wine, and easy access, but I never indicated the the underwear themselves were romantic. This is what happens when you talk to chick she hears, "Blah blah blah crotchless blah blah blah blah romantic blah blah..."
Oh and by the way world Chick said she would do me in the ass with a strap on, it is all a ploy on my part just to get her in bed. I'll complain like I'm too nervous and maybe if you could just hold me a little and before you know it I'll be making her panties crotchless by eating my way through. That's what I'm talkn' 'bout.
I also was writing down the list of people I have had sex with and to me it's a surprisingly low number. I really thought I had made a lot more women happy. It seems right now I'm up to 19. 3 virgins, all white. 2 of their names I can't even remember and mostly all their last names I forgot. I want chick to be my 20TH, a special event if you ask me. Plus, I know her name.

So people how many have you had??

Dick 8====o~
let me preface my number by saying that i had low self esteem in high school (eg: if a boy wants to sleep with me, he likes me)...

and i hung out with a lot of tramps and dirtbag musicians...

and i was really into cheesy music like poison ("talk dirty to me") and warrant ("cherry pie")...

and... um, yeah, that's all the excuses i've got - i thought i had more, really... um...

high 20s, okay? (because what happens in vegas stays in vegas... otherwise it would be around 30)
i think after reading all of this - i have decided crotchless panties could be romantic.
add in coupons for 15 min. a piece...of licking and suckling...and romantic sounds good to me. (lots of coupons)
10. or twenty.. 30.. forty...Hell, I forget.
Wow. My readers on my blog call me a slut, and I just counted 'em up - Eleven total (and that's counting the two I had at the same time). I better get busy.
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