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Thursday, December 02, 2004


If I were you...

I'd be at home fondling my plumb breasts all the time.

Dick 8====o~
hey, man, if you all you think about is breasts, you are really, really missing out on some great elements of the female body...

and she's probably missing out a bit, too...
By she you mean Dick's girlie right?

& by the way...is plump... anything...considered a compliment?!
yes, if he's focused on breasts, his girle's missing out ... because the WHOLE of a woman's body must be appreciated properly ..
oh, and i wouldn't use the word "plump" to describe a woman's breasts if i found them attractive .. pert, perky, firm, etc... not "plump" -- but then, maybe dick's not very imaginative ...
I agree.

Take THAT, Dick.

& thanks, Nate.
ummm...not to side with dick...but...
i think he said 'plumb'
did he mean
Utter; absolute; sheer

as in really great breasts? - no..he didn't use it correctly..but...
benefit of the doubt and all - just wondering.
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