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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


50 Things: By Dick

01. The person I love most in life is my son.
02. I pray every day that his mommy dies.
03. I'm actually a nice guy besides #2.
04. I trust my life with Chick, do anything for her.
05. I'm taking a drug to make me "happy".
06. I'm overweight and can't stand it anymore.
07. Lost my virginity when I was about 16 or 17.
08. Her name was Eileen Kelly, pretty w/big boobs.
09. The second of the 3 virgins I had was the night of the 6th game of the 86 world series, Mets and Redsox.
10. I hate liars.
11. I'm a vegetarian, because I love animals.
12. I was very religious, now I'm not.
13. Believe in God, but, feel we are all on our own down here.
14. In addition to #2, I hate fucking Muslims. Fuck you, you smelly, dirty pricks!
15. I would not mind going into Iraq.
16. I sleep too much.
17. I have no hobbies, I'm pathetic.
18. My football team sucks.
19. I have a beautiful fiancée.
20. She made me a great dinner tonight and served it to me. Made me feel special.
21. We have the best sex life, because we are totally comfortable with each other. That means everything.
22. This is the longest I think I have ever been with one person where I haven't cheated on them. I still have no desire to do so.
23. I think I'm waiting for that one thing to happen that'll change my life, nothing yet.
24. Favorite color is purple.
25. I love clouds, big puffy ones.
26. I love looking up at the stars, could do it all night long.
27. Would love to learn to fly.
28. The answer to life: Have enough money. Then anything or anyone is yours.
29. Manners is everything. My son has fantastic manners, he learned it from his dad.
30. There are things about me NO ONE knows.
31. I think volunteering is the coolest thing to do.
32. I work too much.
33. I could be a better dad.
34. I love music, nice guitar or piano songs with one singer, folk stuff.
35. Want to go to Ireland.
36. Never left this country.
37. I feel I will die early of a heart attack.
38. Ever since my mom died at 49, I haven't thought much about her, which makes me feel insensitive.
39. I have high blood pressure.
40. I used to draw well.
41. I think growing up I turned more jaded and republican, maybe it's the same thing.
42. I'm afraid of water, well just drowning in the water, really.
43. Wish I had more friends.
44. Love taking personality tests.
45. I love big breasts, God I love 'em.
46. I'm white as a ghost, in grammar school, they called me chalkman.
47. I was in the same room with a president.
48. Had tonsils, apendix removed, double hernia when a baby. Broken arm and been hit by a car and didn't break anything almost my skull.
49. Worked a White Castle.
50. Did I mention...my son is my world.

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