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Saturday, March 26, 2005


ADD not just for kids anymore...

Ok.. I have my head up my ass lately and I'm not enjoying the view. I went to Toys R Us for my boy's bday tomorrow. I went inside spent about a half hour having no fucking idea what to get him, Chick tried to help, which was nice. A hundred bucks later I left the store with 3 things that I could fit in my coat pocket, (boy, I bet he's going to have fun unwrapping all his gifts). So I walk out to my car to find I locked my keys in it, yeah, I guess other people have done that no biggie, oh but, one more thing the fucking car is still running. I'm just surprised I put the car in Park before I got out. How the fuck can I pull into a parking spot leave my car running and not notice? Fortunately for me my GF was local and drove over with her spare key. What a putz. Which reminds me of another time where I couldn't find my keys, had to borrow the same spare from my GF. So while driving 60 MPH taken my son to school, I keep hearing this clicking noise, I look in the passenger side mirror and see my keys dangling from the lock. Yup, not a pretty sight inside my buttocks. I need a vacation, maybe somewhere south...

Ok in the spirit of Easter, I compiled a list of porn you can go out to rent instead of watching the Ten Commandments, here goes.
Good Bill Humping
Glad-He-Ate-Her (Gladiator)
Stella got her fudge packed
Screwing Miss Daisy
Schindler's Fist
Night of the Giving Head
Snatch Adams
A beautiful behind
Black Cock Down
My favorite...A.I.: Anal Insertion
In Diana Jones and the Temple of Poon
Mr. Holland's Orifice
Splendor in the Ass
What Licks Beneath
Thighs Wide Open
Missionary Position: Impossible
When Harry Wet Sally
Lawrence of Alabia
On Golden Blond
Sorest Rump or Forrest Hump
Shaving Ryan's Privates
you've got tail
The Loin King
An Officer in a Gentleman
Inspect Her Gadgets
Remember the Tight Ends
The Porn Identity
Lord of the G-Strings
and for Cate, Willy put his Wonka in the Chocolate Factory
A Rear and Pleasant Danger
Titty Slickers and Titty Slickers 2: The Search for the Golden Curly
King Dong
Done in 60 Seconds
There's Something Inside Mary
Crocodile Done Me
What About Boob?
Bend Her Over Like Beckham
Throbbin' Hood


Dick 8====o~

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