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Saturday, March 12, 2005


Advice Needed, Please read!!!!!

Well Tuesday is the Big day. I have a trial folks for custody of my great soon to be 12 yr. old. I would appreciate any advice from anyone, on what I can do to best help my cause. FYI this is serious shit and jokes may not be appreciated on this one.
A little background....his mother ( I refuse to speak of her by name) is a loon. Chick will back me on this 100%, she's got some serious issues. She has what is called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), If any of you who read this suffer from this I am truly sorry because it sucks. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
I guess the reason I truly hate her is because she doesn't have the best interest of my son in mind. From day one of our separation she wanted to have him the majority of the time. I wanted 50/50. This wasn't acceptable for her, why? I wouldn't keep my son from her.
I offered her a brand new air conditioner for his room in the beginning of the summer. You know she said no, can you fucking believe that? I would have put it in myself, in fact I was so furious I was willing to break in and do it. She makes my son suffer, I'd like her head in a bowling bag (see previous post).
I moved 30 miles south, the school district where I am is primo. Before we even knew where he would be attending school this year I said "would you consider the school district down here?" She flat out said "no". This is a person who has his best interest in mind? Bitch.
I know this isn't child abuse but she still has her fucking Christmas decorations up. I'm pretty sure she has her "fake" tree still up and Garland shit around the door outside. Come on it's fucking Easter. Ever see a wreath on a crucifix?
The other fun thing she does is she sleeps in the living room. She had slept on a futon for the longest time, I thought it was always in the couch position until my son tells me one day that she fixed the couch and it's no longer laying flat. So for months she has been laying on a bed in the living room. People she has a big bedroom upstairs!! I asked him why is she sleeping down there he said it was because her back hurt. Ok... Now the fun part, she sends me a certified letter telling me to come get all my stuff from the house, she mentions a few things, such as drafting table, art work etc. She doesn't mention MY refrigerator, My Futon which she has been sleeping on, and other important stuff. When I tell her I want everything she gets all worked up. "You're going to take the refrigerator? You want to do that to your son?" First off, since when did you give a rat's ass about him?! You are only using him to try to keep it for yourself, Second you sent the FUCKING CERTIFIED LETTER!! Telling me to get my crap, you should have said come get the stuff, of yours, I want to give you.
I did get ALL my stuff, my son is watching tv in the living room on a fucking box. I go out and spend 20 bucks to get him a bean bag chair, I had to tell him it was from my sister so his loony mother wold take it in the house. Now eventually she gets a recliner for the living room, guess where she is sleeping now, RIGHT the recliner. That should be much better for her back, right?! Bitch.
So Hopefully Tuesday I can express some of these thoughts with out putting my hands around her neck.
As for the pros on my side, Normal Parent (somewhat), cleaner envionment, (she is also a slob..went into her house and there was a bowl of food on the table with mold growing out of it, also, took pictures of the disgusting home and in one shot of her end table in her bedroom was about 15 mugs and glasses all piled up), better school district (by fucking FAR!), and I wouldn't use him as a pawn to get back at her, the way she has. She didn't even give me the phone # of her cell phone, or her boy friends, I'm supposed to have these things because I'm HIS FUCKING PARENT TOO!!!!!
Ok, I'm done, I hope I didn't bore you to tears. So let me know people what you think only have a couple of day's left, every comment will be appreciated!! Thanks!!

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