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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Flaccid Dick

Wow, harsh words from Chick. I didn’t realize I was that evil. One clarification is needed though I DO think Chick is funny. What happened was I read one of her replies in another’s blog and I started laughing out loud, when I seen that it was from her I told her over the phone, wow I didn’t think you were that funny, that she surprised me. Maybe I should keep my mouth shut.

Okay it’s the little guy’s Bday Sunday and I have no idea what to get him, he’s turning 12. Any suggestions would be appreciated, remember I have to out do his mother.

I’m really getting a kick out of reading everyone’s blog, some I have a hard time responding too, ie Gary, (my new friend). And the guy at Godhateskittens.blogspot is a fucking genius. I love his shit.
And I think Pink is hysterical, and I love the picture updates from Cricket. Which I think more women should do. I love reading the divorce chronicles because I can relate. And I can also relate to the Kooch. That’s some good eatin’s.

A little about me for those who don’t know, which is everyone, except Chick. I’m in my late 30’s, very late. I am a vegetarian, for over 20 years, just felt guilty eating those poor animals. I’m not as much of a Dick as I let on, I love to volunteer, I have with special needs kids, and also at a local hospital and not to mention I used to walk the blind around the mall before the stores opened. I think you get more out of volunteering than you give. The reason I’m telling you this is you may want to try to give some time if you find life is a little empty for yourself.
I do not have any hobbies, I would love some...I actually need some. I went to college for art and I can draw but I haven’t had the desire to do anything with it. I don’t collect anything and I don’t build, restore or fix things...I suck. What a waste huh? Oh I do blog though, because of my good friend Chick (who wants me dead).

Not so Hard ,
Dick 8====o~

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