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Friday, March 04, 2005


How do I love thee...

First I want to thank EVERYONE for your comments, you like me..you REALLY like me!
I want to say, yes, I missed a day, sorry. I stumbled. But just so you are all aware I have "The Apprentice" waiting for me on my TIVO and instead I am blogging baby. Ok now for the story everyone wants to know, and Chick doesn't expect.
I won't bore you with the details, but we both met at an entry level position in a nice size company. Now when we first met I was dating two girls at the same time plus I had two jobs. I think I may have had a chance with Chick if I didn't seem like such a sleeze when I first met her. You know "first impressions..." So anyway she was cute and kinda sexy, a very nice pair, that's for sure. She kind of like this guy at work, a big goof, why? I have no idea. I reasoned because I was taken with two other women, and Chick didn't want to share me. So she settled, never settle Chick! Well, we did become good friends I must admit. We spent time outside of work together. I went to her house, met her family, which of course they loved me. We did things couples do, but, we were just "friends".
About 5 or 6 years ago I found a journal that I used around that time in my life. In it was something about Chick. We used to go to the bar at least every week and many times it was just ourselves, and in one of my entries it said how Chick and I spent hours just talking in the parking lot one night. After I read that I said to myself "What an asshole, I could have had her!" I mean come on..don't you agree? Who spends hours talking in a parking lot if there was nothing there? Now Chick is going to deny this but I know you won't let her slide on this.
Not too many people experience this but there was this one defining moment where I saw Chick in a new light. I was dating this whore from work and right before our Christmas party I caught her kissing another guy. So I wanted to show the whore that it wasn't going to effect me. I had called Chick and asked her if she'd go to the party with me. I didn't even think she would only because of the situation, but she said "sure". We had a great time, both got wasted. The whore tried to make up but I blew her off. Later that night I (somehow) drove Chick home, we both sat on her couch in a drunken state with my arm around her. I think we both started to fall asleep when I got up, kissed her on the cheek and left.

Seriously, how many other women would do that for a guy. That night I had found an undying respect for Chick, and there is nothing I wouldn't do for her, nothing. It's easy for me to write this though I never told her but "I do love you". Thanks for being such a wonderful friend to me.


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