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Thursday, March 10, 2005


Keep it real.

I'm thinking this is a woman thing.And I did THINK about it before writing it. We all know women can't get along with each other right? I'm not talking about your best friend who you've known since 2nd grade. I'm talking a bunch of girls thrown together like a dorm or some tea party group there's going to a click and one or a few girls are going to feel the wrath from the rest of the group. I'm sure some will disagree but then you're wrong.
Now what I'm wondering is it ALSO a woman thing to be a big God Damn phony. My ex is a classic example of this. Let's call her Eve because she had just as many faces. She would talk down to me as if I was her son and not her husband, no respect what so ever. Then if a stranger came to the door, watch out, Eve # 2 would come out. She would be all bright and bubbly, laughing and carrying on like she is the happiest fucking person in the world. Once that door close, wham, back to the bitch I lived with day and night.
Now the reason I bring this up is because today I had a horrible flash back. My new partner (ah-hem), called me today, all nasty and in a bad mood. Criticizing me for something, I tried to calm her down and make her laugh, she said she was disgusted with work...then ....then ..it happened. All of a sudden she's laughing and giggling saying, "don't touch my plant, now it looks naked" yada, yada, yada, whatever the fuck she was talking about. Her boss had walked over and she was all over that shit, like the 5 minutes of me trying to cheer her up never even happened. What the Fuck! If I'm in a bad mood I'm in a bad mood to everyone. I will say this about Chick, she is not like these chameleons, she's a straight shooter. She gives me hope for your species.

Dick 8====o~

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