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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Love Pantry?

My Monday morning IM chat with Alex. Alex is a super cool guy I met
briefly at a work related seminar  in Philly last year. We chatted about
work related stuff, then went out separate ways. Then we started IMing
each other strictly about work stuff.
Somewhere along the way, work issues were totally thrown out the window.

Alex: Good morning sunshine - how was your

Chick: Hello, Alex.

Insert boring stuff about both our weekends, here.

Chick: Did you have a nice birthday?

Alex: Yes, but I didn't get what I really wanted from my girlfriend.

Chick: not getting it daily, huh?

Alex: a couple times a week at best.

Chick: a couple times a week? That's better than what I get...

Alex: I'm a pretty horny guy...
Alex: I would be happier with at least 4 times a week or so...
Alex: ...or 10!

Chick: : 10?...now that's a lofty goal. I think, my magic number would be...6.
Chick: on the 7th day...we'd rest.

Alex: lol... like god.

Chick: exactly.

from God...to toys...how did THAT happen?

Alex: Do you ever use toys?
Alex: too personal?

Chick: by toys...you mean...exactly?

Alex: oh, sex toys.

Chick: I know!
Chick: What kind are you talking about?

Alex: lol
Alex: vibrators.

Chick: I didn't think you were talking about...LEGOS!

Alex: lol.... well, you never know - some people love legos!

Chick said something here...but it's been deleted...because, she's now
embarrassed about actually saying something like that.

Alex: fun stuff

Chick: fun for you...because you get involved, huh?
Chick: or...is that...too personal?

Alex: fun because there's no bigger turn on than watching a woman
Alex: and it just adds another fun twist to an already wonderful event
Alex: and no, nothing is too personal for you to ask me,

Chick: : a fun twist...hmmm.

Alex: indeed... definitely worth adding.

Chick: what kind?

Alex: I like the smaller ones that leave room for other activities to
occur simultaneously.
Alex: there's a little egg shaped one that works well for that.

Chick: got a site for that?

Alex: let me check
Alex:: I just like using it on her...although if it's not too graphic,
while using the egg shaped one on her clit if I'm inside, the vibrations
feel good for me too.
Alex:too much information?

Chick: : no... just the opposite... I need to know where I can get one.
Chick: if you find a site...e-mail me.
Chick: because I couldn't view the site at work anyway.

Alex: I think the one we got is made by penthouse, but we just bought
it at the friendly neighborhood love pantry.

Chick: um...what's a love pantry?

Alex: a sex toy shop,

Chick: gotcha
Chick: I'll have to scout out a local love pantry...
Chick: I have no idea where there might be one.

Alex: here's a link to one that looks similar to what I'm talking about:

Chick: damn it...I accidentally clicked on that...
Chick: now some idiot guy in IT's gonna know I'm sex toy shopping.

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