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Thursday, March 17, 2005


One small step...

Yes, it finally happened. Well it happened once before with OJ, but that didn't count. Robert Blake gave all us married/divorced men a little bit of hope yesterday. It's good to see you can kill your wife and get away with it. Who's to say she didn't deserve it? Really! You know not everyone is as nice as Chick and I, what if we use an example, a person like..oo..I dunno..let's say...my ex. She deserves to die, brutally too I might add. I want to read in the paper they needed to identify her by dental records.
This slut that Blake killed..whoops.. I meant that SOMEONE ELSE killed, was a fucking whore, to put it nicely. She made her money by phone sex, lying and whatever else whores do. So she deserved to die, one less piece of shit we have to worry about. Now I think when a jury deliberates, there should be this question they have to answer, "Did the person deserve to be murderd?" If they come up with "yes" then we should knock off some years for helping us ALL out.
I think if more of us men had balls, and off'd a few more of our wives, that may just be enough to shut you the fuck up once in a while, but I doubt it. And don't bring up Scott Peterson, he's a little duche that should have his balls cut off and shoved in hi his mouth.

Yours Truly,
DICK 8====o~

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