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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


private dick

Ok. first it's 3:30 am I'm finally done with work and I'm ready to leave, but I wanted to post something about slutfuck. Let's forget what she looks like because frankly it doesn't all come down to looks with guys. It's a big part but not the whole story. In fact Chicks hubby may like her only because she isn't Chick. Someone different. Now none of us are dead, we all look and flirt, but I think there's definitely more to this slutfuck then meets the eye...
If hubby is totally clean, like Koochie suggested, he should explain everything. I've seen enough Maury Povich shows to know a fucking guy will lie about a girl until you show him the fucking film footage you have. My advice to Chick catch the fucking asshole on tape, have someone tail his ass to the gym, work, when he takes a shit. It's too fucking easy to cheat these days, e-mail, phone, im'ing..he's being sneaky and we need to nail him and then upload the video to the web so we can all mock him...Oh.. and we'll be there for you to Chick, I have two big broad shoulders just waiting for you.
If none of this sounds like the path you want to take then I think you should get back at him by fucking me, I'm not going to look at it as sex..per say..just as you are using me as a tool for retribution. I will do that for you.


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