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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


What does a guy have to do to kill his wife?

Before I start offending anyone (Becky), let me just say I don’t really have a horse in this race.
Now about Terri Schiavo and her caring husband, who wants to put her out of her misery or maybe his own misery. I can understand both sides of this argument, as a parent you want to have hope beyond hope that your child could get better, who could actually pull the plug (so to speak) on their child? As her husband...well that’s simple.
I personally think why prolong this poor lady’s life, she clearly isn’t “living”. My GF asked me “if I was brain dead would you let me die?” I told her “Fuck, if you get the sniffles and I’m putting a pillow over your head.” I wonder why I don’t get any...
I look at this thing, if her family wasn’t so selfish they would let her go. I think we all hope once we leave this place we go to a far better place, so why keep her here? Who’s to say she’s not suffering? I think we are kinder to animals than what everyone is doing to this poor lady, tube out, tube in, tube out. Which brings me to the case against the husband, “What the Fuck??!” Let her parents take care of her for Christ’s sake. Are you that fucking intent on killing her? Crap you make me look good. You didn’t raise her, change her diapers, drop her off for her first day of school, no you probably met her while you were shit faced and wanted to get in her pants. So grow the fuck up, you proved your point, now let her family take care of her. Christ.
Okay enough of that shit. Now, last night my GF was sound asleep she was laying on her back with her legs open. So being the man I am I thought it’d be cute to start playing with everything and seeing if I could get her aroused. Well, I was rubbing her belly went up to the nips, played with those, then through her sweats starting to rub the patch of pleasure. Nothing. She was still snoring, she actually looked like Terri Schiavo in those videos with the head back and mouth open, But I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I went back to the nips trying to get them erect, nothing. So I went back down and untied her drawstring on the sweats. I was sure this was going to wake her up, nope. Then I slid my hand down and started search for an opening. It’s not easy, I had to pry things apart w/o waking her. After that I was in. Going around doing figure 8’s on the hooded thing, I read women love that. Sliding in and out, and all I got was more snoring. Figuring she was now dreaming of the neighbor doing this to her I whispered to her, “wacha dreamin’ bout?”.... “Honey, honey, (a little shaking) what are you dreaming?”......nothing...then “LEAVE ME ALONE, LET ME SLEEP!” Damn, Terri Schiavo just fucking spoke.
I had to tell her all about this the next day. She didn’t remember. All I can say is if she ever started rubbing my balls while I was sleeping I sure would wake the fuck up even if I were in a comma

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