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Friday, April 08, 2005


Heather on a Hill

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This Past weekend I watched for the umpteenth time the movie Brigadoon. It was pouring, fucking buckets people, I was day- dreaming of true love... I guess. Wishing for it. Wondering if I could ever be lucky enough to find it, keep it, nurture it, and make it last. I'm not a believer in happy endings, (maybe it's because EVERYONE I fucking know is either miserable or divorced) I always believed Romeo and Juliette probably would have killed each other someday... So there I was contemplating, and then I remembered I got TIVO, better yet... I got Brigadoon on Tivo. So I started to play Brigadoon, read a book, and listen to the rain, yes all three because I got ADD, thanks Dad.
If you are not familiar with the story line it's a fantasy where 2 guys from NY, go hunting in Scotland. One finds true love, he gives it up and goes back to NY. The rest you have to watch.
There is this scene however when Gene meets Fionna, she is going up a hill to collect heather, (something that not enough women do these days) and Gene asks if he can walk with her. At the top of the hill is where Gene takes her and they dance... This may sound stupid, but if you could show what "Love" is, it would be the next five minutes of this movie. The music.. the grace..the way he held her, you could feel the passion coming right out of their bodies, it was all unbelievable. I could watch that forever.
A big buzz kill, my GF came in and I asked her if she wanted to see this special part of the movie, remind you it's a tranquil, relaxing, rain pounding Saturday afternoon. Any person with a romantic cell in their body would comply, not her. I think they removed her heart the last time she gave birth or something. This is the most UN-romantic person I have ever met.
Well, if you ever want a movie to watch on a rainy day, and dream about the one you love, or wish you had to love, this is the movie.


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