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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Mercy Fuck Fundrasier

Yes it's that time of year again...Our dear friend Koochie is about to hit rock bottom. Here is a great guy, funny, kind, loves kids, a cock on him that could choke a horse (we know this because he tried) and most importantly ladies...he loves to muff dive. What more do you want in a guy?!
Now what we need are several volunteers, preferably someone with a Koochie, who won't mind saving this poor soul. There are some qualifications she must match, Koochie isn't THAT desperate (well he is but ssshhh). She MUST have at least 2 limbs, any combination is fine, two legs, two arms, or one of each. If you do have only 2 legs you must be able to grip cylindrical objects with your toes. You can not be over 90 years of age because Koochie could put that other foot of yours in the grave. There is no weight limit.
To apply please send a brief bio along with a photo, naked shots a plus. Send them to "Fuck this Bastard, Please" the Koochie Volunteer Commitee, (me), will spend hours of research to find the perfect match for our beloved friend. Let's end his suffering now Ladies. Come on he need us.


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