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Thursday, April 21, 2005


True Love...not

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Isn’t funny the difference between men and women, dick and chick? Men do love the trophy wife, women sure do love the money. My dad and I always had this competition on who finds the best pictures of these old fat geezers with the young beautiful woman. Let me tell you there are a lot of them. I had even started cutting them out and hanging them up next to my computer. Why? Well have you ever heard if you want a nice car to cut it out and hang it up for a visual reminder, well, that’s what I was doing. I’m a lot better looking than these freaks I should aim high.
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What I want to know is how can women really be intimate with these guys? I can understand a man fucking a goat but not a woman going down on a 90 yr. old cock. Really?!
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What is she thinking when her tongue is rolling in between the folds of his gray, hairy balls? “I can’t wait to buy those shoes...” is it worth it?
And what if I did have a shit load of money...do you think I’d tell even one of you about it?? Nope, I’d drive a Toyota, wear ratty sneakers and write on a blog...just like any other dick.


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