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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Why my GF has two black eyes?

Because I've done told her twice damn it!
Yep we had a little falling out this weekend, she brought up my son in an unflattering manner, you all know my son right? THE GREATEST KID ON EARTH. Ok he is a great kid though. Well, any ho she said it's a "tug-o-war" for my attention, and that he doesn't always say hi to her and shit. To make a long story short I put her in her place today, and it felt good. Told her she's the adult and start putting forth an effort, he's 12 and not very good at conversation. Get a clue bitch!

God Spare me please, if I see one more pair of shoes on a blog I'm going to shove my ratty sneaks in someones virgin booty.
They are just SHOES! I don't get it? I really don't. My GF is on my ass ALL the time about my footwear, I wear them just so I don't step on a nail or dog shit, or worse a nail that's in dog shit. Those fucking animals will eat anything. I digress. Can't we see more bra shots? That's nice, preferably while they are still on the body. Panties? Thongs? Come on girls...get creative. If a guy looks all the way down to your feet and notices your shoes, he's gay.

Do you remember where you were when the Pope died? I do, I was watching continuous live coverage of it. Christ. Now I know why Jesus died 2 thousand years ago, he didn't want to be interviewed carrying the cross, or watching the helicopters fly by while hanging from it. "Thanks for joining us if you just tuned in they are ready to nail the Christ to the cross, this nailing is sponsored by Home Depot." What the fuck?!

Jerry Springer Quote of the day..
"You Motherbleep, bleepsucking, bleep bleepbleepbleepbleep he's my bleepbleepbleepbleep"


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