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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Hands & What to Do with Them

I was reading the Village Voice recently. I appreciate this paper because you never know what they'll throw into an issue together. Sometimes it's articles about Governor Spitzer getting caught with prostitutes & reviews about restaurants off the ferry in Staten Island titled 'Boating & Bloating'. Makes for a interesting, eclectic mix of subjects.

The article, 'An Expert's Guide to Hand Jobs for Men & Women' kind of piqued my interest. The author states that:

"... handjobs in general get a bad rap. People think of them as something immature & unskilled...what teenagers do instead of having sex. Or they're dismissed as "foreplay," a brief warmup to bigger & better things like oral sex & intercourse. Some associate hand sex only with solo masturbation & too quickly abandon it as a form of partner pleasure unto itself."

THANK YOU! I most definitely agree.

"...but I believe just the opposite: Hands are sexual tools. They're like the naughty bits we don't have to cover when we're in public. When I'm attracted to someone, the first thing I check out is their hands. After all, if they've got good hands, anything is possible."

Next time you do anything...stop & think about the pleasure hands...your own...or someone else's can give...linger...take your time...see what happens. Think of the possibilities.

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