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Wednesday, December 29, 2004


The ABC's of My Week...so far

  • Angels & Demons. The great book that I’m in the middle of reading.

  • Belgium. My friend is coming in from Belgium tonight to see me...so exciting.

  • Cashmere. Received a luxuriously beautiful sweater for Christmas.

  • Diamond. I lost my diamond earring this weekend. (There will be hell to pay).

  • E-mail. Got an e-mail today from an ex-boyfriend. (The stalker...should I be worried?!).

  • Football. I won the football pool this week, with eleven wins. (Yay).

  • Giants. Hubby's team. They lost yet another one.

  • Horoscope. Mine says that I’ll be in touch with my emotions today (we’ll fucking see...).

  • Itch. Last night I had a dream that I had an itch I couldn’t scratch (my skin’s still crawling).

  • Jam. What I dripped on my blouse this morning & had to change.

  • Kate Spade. The designer who creates the shoes & bags I’d do almost anything to possess.

  • Late. I was late to work this morning. (It had something to do with having to change my sticky blouse at the last minute).

  • Mellow. My wish for the day. But Wed. is usually a busy day for me...so “M” might turn out to be for manic.

  • None. Number of times I’ve had sex this week...so far.

  • Orgasm. Come on...what else could “O” possibly be? Had one this weekend (thank you, me).

  • Poopy head. The name my six year old neighbor called me (gotta love that kid).

  • Quarter. The same neighbor kid threw a quarter at me. (that’s gonna leave a mark).

  • Red wine. My drink of choice this weekend.

  • Steelers. My team that keeps on winning.

  • Twelve. The number of blocks I walked, in the cold, to window shop for shoes (pathetic...I know).

  • Underwear. At least I have nice underwear on today. (see below).

  • Velvet. Damn, these stupid velvet pants I’m wearing today. (They’re developing a tear in the backside, that’s getting ever bigger as the day goes on!)

  • Wind. I’m starting to feel the wind on my ass through the tear in my pants!

  • Xenophopia- A mortal fear of being anally penetrated by extra- terrestrials. (I didn’t make that up! I needed an “X”...it was the only word that came to mind).

  • Yogurt. My planned feast for lunch (unless I get a better offer).

  • Zero. The exact number of times I’ve had anal sex...ever!

  • I got the idea for this from Tim...but I don't see his list posted anywhere anymore.
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