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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Fashion for 2010

For the men we have...penis trousers?!

& if that wasn't bad enough...

What the hell is growing on his head & shoulders?

Why do we need a map to know where his aorta is?

& more odd still...he's got a 3rd arm why?

If you're intrigued enough to see a video...

here you go

Wait...here's some women's fashion for 2010:

Seems we don't need vagina pants...nope, we need bloomers.

I think I'll get a pair to wear under this:

Think they'll show?

I had to end this post with something pretty to try

& wipe the last to things out of our minds.

You're welcome.


Monday, February 22, 2010


I Love This Photo

This was taken by J (while driving).

I like how it's framed so nicely in the car's mirror.

Snow on the distant mountains in the background

& in the reflection on the car.

It makes me smile.

(LA at its finest.)


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Art Exhibit

Went to the Museum of Modern art to see the Tim Burton exhibit.

More to come...I liked it

What do you think?


Friday, February 05, 2010



If there's such a thing as being too buff...um...this is it.

Apropos of nothing...I had déjà vu (did I get the accents right?) moment at the gym today.

I was on one of those stepper machines.

Not sure what they're really called.

You know, the ones where you pump your legs up & down

& also move your arms back & forward like you're cross country skiing.

It's not a ski machine...yeah, ok...I know...who cares.

I was slogging away with my iPod precariously perched in the little cup holder thing on the machine...

One wrong move of my flailing right arm & blammo the iPod goes flying across the room.

I got my hand tangled in the cord & nearly ripped my eardrum out in the process.

I got off the machine with a look of idiocy on my face.

Um...damn...where did it go? No iPod anywhere.

The guy in back of my on the treadmill motioned to my right & I still couldn't find it.

"No, your other right", he said (what? I was flustered & looking left).

There it was under the machine next to me...under, yeah, like I'd see that.

So, I thanked the eagle eyed guy & collected my things & got out of there.

Happy Friday.

Have a nice weekend.

I would wish you a group hug from the guys pictured above

But I'm afraid they might crush you.


Monday, February 01, 2010



I walked by the Municipal Building in lower Manhattan last Friday.

Ever walk by something a million times & never know the amazing story that goes with it?

I'd always wondered what statue was up there.

I finally looked it up & came away with a interesting story.

The statue of Civic Fame on top of the Municipal Building was installed in 1913 & is a gilded figure designed by Adolph Weinman. Standing barefoot on a sphere, she wears a flowing dress & a crown of laurels to signify glory.

Audrey Munson(1891-1996) was an American model & actress, she was the model or inspiration for more than 15 statues in New York City including this one.

The model for "Civic Fame", Audrey Munson, had an even harder & more intense life. At the turn of the century she was a supermodel for sculptors and painters. In some sense that yielded a much more permanent record of her than most of today's supermodels will enjoy as there are literally dozens of important sculptures of her in New York City & around the world bearing her likeness. When the movies came about, she became an actress & entered history books as the first known woman to star in a movie fully naked.

the Wikipedia article (if you want to know more...like geekhead me).
This woman had the most unusual & tragic life. From the height of fame...through a court case involving a doctor who killed his wife to be with her...to entering a mental asylum at the age of 39 where she died at the age of 104.

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