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Friday, October 28, 2005


Happy Sunshine Story...

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Found THIS in my travels...it's a cute bunny story...with some sick & disturbing twists along the way...perfect for a Friday...doncha think?

Why is it so much more wrong to see these adorable little characters commit such evil acts?

I don't know...but it just...is...

Happy Friday to you.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Happy HNT

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Well...the game is over (what will I ever do without baseball?)...so I can Happily post my HNT for the day.

Congrats to any White Sox fans out there.

My HNT today is a tribute to one of my favorite body parts on most people.

Don't you just love hip bones? The way they elegantly curve?

Happy, Happy HNT.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


The Torture Continues

I still have no answer. Can you believe that? I certainly can't.

Hubby is STILL waiting for an answer as to whether he can lick Mr. X's face as a thank you for giving him the job. See, he knows Mr. X intimately now...he's dined with the man & his Midwestern wife (go Corn Huskers...yep...I can kiss some Nebraskan ass, if I have to).... He's chatted politely with him in countless interviews. He's put him through e-mail questionnaires, phone interviews, smackdown wrestling interviews & anal exam interviews (yeah...he wants the job THAT much).

I would have SAID something to the man when he nonchalantly said...I'll let you know on Monday.

I would have said...PROMISE?!  Pinky swear that you will? Damn, man...shit or get off the pot already! My aim would not have been to be...indelicate...but COME ON ALREADY!


I watched most of the game last night. I noticed all those annoying people with thunder sticks in the crowd. Don't know what they are? I didn't either...they're those plastic, blow up looking sticks that fans clap together to make noise.

Me: If I was sitting there in the stadium...& the guy in front of me started banging those things together & blocking my view...I'd jam them up his anus.

Hubby: Why can't you just say...you'd shove them up his ass?

Me: Huh?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Feed My Soul

OK...send some positive energy my way today at 2 PM (EST)...could you do that? Would you? Please? Hubby will be meeting & greeting Mr. X & touring the company with high hopes & visions of sugar plums in his eyes. OK...maybe I embellished a bit...maybe it's me...with the sugar plums blocking my vision...so what. The power of positive thought...yeah...that's what I need today...so give...will you?

In other news, it's raining & raw again today...& I want to be fed...I'd like mashed potatoes & chicken soup...I'd like them fed directly into my soul...could you arrange that? Make it happen? Oh...& yeah...I need it to be made from scratch...so I know that you really care.

Monday, October 24, 2005



So, I thought it would be nice to plan NOTHING for this weekend. I was looking forward to sinking into a little bit of peace & quiet.

It just didn't seem to work out that way. While I was sitting at work on Friday, I got a call from Hubby saying that Mr. X from the job interview (I told you about it here) had called & left a message saying that he wanted Hubby to come in on Tuesday for a THIRD interview & tour...plus...he'd like to take us both out to dinner on Saturday night.

Huh? What? I'm now involved? Hmm...yeah...I thought that was a positive sign...but I was still not expecting that. We ended up going to dinner with Mr. & Mrs. X & having a nice time. We chatted about the work that the company does & the friggin enthusiasm he'd bring to the job (if he finally got hired there...already!). Turns out there would be some travel involved. Hubby doesn't have the travel gene like I do...but I practically shouted..."HE LOVES TO TRAVEL"...when the prospect of going to Paris on business came up. So I lied...so what.

It all went well...as we were leaving the restaurant...Mrs. X said that it was nice to meet us & that she hopes to see us again sometime...what the hell?...shit...this was torture...plain & simple...HIRE THE GUY ALREADY...what the fuck? I blurted a "thank you" & I hope we can get together again sometime soon too.

Think it helped that throughout dinner I stared the man down & sent him HIRE HUBBY thoughts with intense passion & all the powers of mental telepathy that I could muster? Think it helped at all?

Friday, October 21, 2005



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Ever have a dream that seems so real?

So real...that you find yourself actually trying your best to hide from it...

In my dream...I woke up & took a shower...a black dress was laid out for me, along with pretty black shoes.

I dressed & checked myself out in the mirror...too much, my dream self thought...definitely...too much.

I ended up taking off the dress & hiding behind a big sweater...

I ran out the door & grabbed a hat (of all things)...all the better to keep the whole hiding theme going...

I opened a door...& saw a smile...I smiled back...did I reveal too much?...too soon?...nah...it was just a smile...

A hand took mine...out on the street...the sun was shinning...I felt some peace.

I sat...looking at this kind smile...wondering if it was real...

I touched the smile...it didn't falter...it got me through...

...ever have a dream like that?

Thursday, October 20, 2005



Sorry...no HNT today. I've been kind of distracted.

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I dragged out something I posted in the past (my favorite shoes)...it's all I can scrape by with today. I'll be around enjoying all of your great HNT pics today.

Have fun.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


In Her Shoes

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I just finished reading In Her Shoes...a book recommended by the lovely Gabsmash. I'll have to admit, the title grabbed me by the gullet & forced me to absorb the story into my brain. I also recommend reading the book...before the movie comes out. It's a story about two sisters...nope...this sounds much too much like the beginning of a grade school book report ...& I'm just not going to go there today...all I'm going to say is...it was fun to read & here is one of my favorite quotes from the story:

Maggie: Shoes like this should not be locked up in a closet. You should be living a life of scandal. You should be getting screwed in an alley behind a club by a billionaire while his wife waits in the car & he told her he just forgot his wallet!

Rose: Please tell me you just made that up.

Monday, October 17, 2005


Weekend Blurbs

My weekend in blurbs...

Cleaned up my garden after the rains...

Cooked spaghetti sauce & artichokes...


Hit up ESNP Zone in Times Square...if you are sports obsessed...you've found a home (even the bathrooms have TVs...

USC should have lost...sorry Charlie...

What kind of stupid thing is OT in football if the friggin team who wins the coin toss almost always wins?

I'm extremely embarrassed that I bet on football at all this week...with the points...I did not get many games right...at all...(& last week I got 12 right).

Go White Sox (like I care?)...complete games are good for my soul...

The Lion King on Broadway lives up to the hype...the costumes & imagination will blow your imagination...

Where did all the porn that resided in Times Square when I was a teenager running from The Port Authority (bus station)...down 42 St. to my father's office near Rockefeller Center crawl off to?

Wandered & wondered some more...

Friday, October 14, 2005


Shit With a Bow...

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Comments? What are you going to do? It’s funny, I’ve gotten a few lately that just floored me...ok...not really floored...but I liked how the word fit into that sentence.

One in particular...made me step back & really look at what I’m doing here. Something about...who knew that Chick was normal? (When I was blathering on & on about being stressed...or some such thing). I’m a big fan of the one who wrote it (really...she kicks ass)...so, I thought...hmm...is she saying that I usually only write superficial crap here? Do I try to wrap the shit I write here with a bow & tie it all up in a pretty package? (shit with a bow...is still shit)...maybe I should write about some ugly stuff about me here...maybe that would paint a more accurate picture of who I am.,...& what the fuck I’m doing here in the first place?

Want to know that I’m late a lot or that I have a big ol’ zit on my face from eating chocolate (& the chocolate went straight to my large ass)? Want to know about the fight I had with Hubby last night...that was probably my fault...but I didn’t admit defeat? Want to know why I lay awake sometimes & can not fall asleep (several reasons...maybe you don’t care...& maybe I won’t tell you either).

Anyway, comments are one of my favorite things about having a blog...so keep it up...punch me in the gut...I need that sometimes...feel free to say honest things here...K? Write me something here today...anything at all...just know that there will be more of the same asinine crap (from me) to read in the near future.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Happy HNT

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Happy HNT.

Just thought I'd do a little tribute to Andy Warhol (sort of?). He said:

"Why do people think artists are special? It's just another job"

While I do not agree with him...or even love some of his art...I have to admit...he usually made you think...or at least look at simple things in a different way.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Stop Already

Ever stress yourself out for silly reasons? I'm usually OK...in this
regard...but every once in a while...it all seems to add up & pummel me
(like an elephant stampeding right over me...& not a cute cartoon elephant
either). Sometimes there's no rhyme or reason as to why it hits me at a
particular time...sometimes there is...but it usually amounts to being
sort of self created.

Stress is an unavoidable consequence of life... "Without stress,
there would be no life"
(I think an idiot said this...& I hope he's
stressed). However, just as distress can cause disease, it seems
plausible that there are good stresses that promote wellness. Stress is not
always necessarily harmful. Winning a race or election can be just
stressful as losing, or more so, but may trigger very different
biological responses. Increased stress results in increased productivity -- up
to a point.

I'm thinking that I might use stress as a motivator in my life...& that
just blows. I mean really...who needs it? I have a job with tight
deadlines (stress), I have a Hubby with a tight temper (stress), I'm
constantly late (stress) & I procrastinate (stress)...& you know what? I bring
most of it on myself (more stress...aimed right at my big fat head).

Damn it all...make me stop...breathe...just breathe...fuck...it's not

Monday, October 10, 2005


J.E.T.S ?!

(our seats were higher than this...look all the way up to the top)

What a nice...rainy weekend I had. It poured & poured on Saturday...for some reason...that fed my soul...maybe it was the lack of rain for most of the summer...I don't know.

Sunday turned out to be perfect football weather...which worked out fine 'cuz my brother & his wife invited us to The Jets game. While I'm not a Jets fan...I am a football fan...& find it hard to say no...when invited to any sporting event. We froze our arses off in the windy parking lot...tailgating with sandwiches & beer...then made our way to our nosebleed seats on the top tier. Sometimes sitting in those seats...so high up...is like sitting in a wind bowl...but it was actually warmer inside the stadium yesterday.

We got to See Vinny come out of mothballs & play his in his 218th career game, which ties him with former Washington Redskins QB Sonny Jurgensen for the 33rd most games played in NFL history & the seventh-most ever by a QB. I just thought I'd throw that obscure & annoying stat in for no apparent reason...don't you just hate when people throw crap like this at you... (thank you...ESPN...for constantly doing just that) who cares?!...So...sorry about that...

One thing you should know about the Jets fans that sat in front of us (& I'm hoping that they don't represent all Jet fans)...they were the kind of guys who'd blow their noses on their sleeves & spit in the aisles...actually, they did all those things...ugh...but...the more beer I drank...the less I cared.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Down in Three

All was going well...the very first batter was up...Wakefield pitched one strike, then two...next pitch...he hits Podesdnik...WTF?! This foreshadowed the whole game. I mean...a team that has bases loaded with NO outs...that ends up not even scoring...deserves to lose...Even though Papi came through with a solo homer & Manny came through with not one, but two...they needed the rest of the team to deliver the goods.

"What other word can you use but disappointed?" said Wakefield, "This team battled their asses off to get to the post season. To lose three in a row to the White Sox, it's very disappointing."

Well...all I can say is...I still need more baseball this year...so, who should I root for since my beloved team is out?

It's a rainy, grey day today...so fitting...

Friday, October 07, 2005


A Little Thanks are in Order...

I just wanted to say a little...thank you...to Osbasso for starting the fun that is Half-Nekkid Thursday. Not only am I having a total & complete blast looking at everyone's imaginative & original creations...but his idea for this whole thing seems to have sparked some kind of inspiration in me too.

Ever have a couple of days in a row...where you're just not feeling it? Colors fadeout & wash together & the inside of your head turns to some kind of a grey & mushy oatmeal? Sometimes, when I feel that way...a seemingly small thing will jump start me out of the blahs. Sometimes it's something someone says...sometimes it's the beauty of the leaves changing colors all around me...once in a while it's a faraway blogger who you stumbled across because someone in your blogoshere posted an HNT & you checked it all out...out of curiosity...then went on from there.

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."
~Thomas Merton

Thanks for helping me get a little bit closer to living up to that lovely quote...& that thanks is for everyone who takes part in HNT...I think this thing has a life of it's own now...keep it going.

...oh...& Go Redsox...or should I pray for rain?

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Happy HNT

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I took this on the same day I took last week's HNT shot. I was inspired to experiment with perspective...I'm so glad I played that day...because if I had to come up with something today...I'd be at a loss.

I was trying to make myself look...leggy...BTW...I'm not...so if I look it here...I pulled it off...yay.

...I'm wearing my most favorite shoes...can you see?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Game One Blew Big Ones

Yeah...I wish I could still live off of Sunday's win forever...but NO!!!

Matt Clement...you suck (8 runs allowed over 3 1/3 innings of crapass baseball)! Stop hitting players with pitches you Amish looking asshole! WTF?! I could not endure watching the whole game...& I was so looking forward to being able to be home to watch it. Clement gave up 5 homers...that's the most homers given up by a defending champ in the post season in one game...thanks ESPN for that asinine stat (you blow too!).

To make matters worse...I just looked down & realized that I am wearing my black pants with...oh no...pinstripes on them! Crap!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Go Wild Sox

All I can say is...yay!

We got to the game a little late...due to the fact that driving in Boston is insane. It's not the drivers...it's the streets that change name with absolutely no warning & go to one way...or are just plain...closed to cars. (More about the fight in the car...to come).

We had awesome field box seats...6 rows behind 3rd base.

Getting to see Schilling pitch did not suck...

Manny on 1st...Johnny on 3rd (Was I in heaven at this point?).

Someone with a huge camera sat next to use for a few plays...turns out he works for The Sox & had a World Series ring...he let me touch it (don't say it...I know what you're thinking).

Big Papi at bat...

10-1...the place went nuts...there was no place that I'd rather be...

We stayed for about an hour...Wally (The Green Monster) saluted the crowd...& all was right with the world.

My heart will be in Chicago @ 4pm today...

Saturday, October 01, 2005


To Be Looooved...

I'm soo very lucky to be headed up to Boston this weekend...we have
tickets for the very last game of the season. I can hardly stand the pain!

Hubby told his friend (a big yankee fan) that he had tix & the friend
wanted to know who Hubby was taking to the game:

Friend: So...you're taking the little missus to the game, huh?

Hubby: Yep (he better say that seeing as I got him the
tix in the first place).

Friend: So...will she be home later?

Hubby: I think so, why?

Friend: Because I am going to break in, poison her & take her

Hubby: I'll make sure to leave the door open...

It's so nice to be looooved...

Go Sox!

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