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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Window Shopping

What? I like windows. Shop windows mostly...sometimes stained glass church windows...sometimes those wavy old leaded glass windows in historic building catch the light in unexpected ways.

Have you ever stopped at a traffic light at night & peered into someone's window in their house & caught a glimpse of their lives in there? Mostly I just end up seeing people glaring at the television set...but sometimes you might catch a heated arguement going on & it's fun to guess who's winning.

This is what I truly love about HERE. Anything I want...I can just type it out. Whether it is something or just nothing at all...it's ok...gotta love that.

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Monday, February 25, 2008


There's Always Room for Jello

I wasn't having a good time on Friday. I found myself snow bound & Mac less. There was no working from home action going on & I was sorta-kinda pissed. One trip to the Apple Store later (just got back) & a MASTER REBOOT & I'm all a twitter.

I couldn't concentrate on anything. It was cold, snowy, I needed to do laundry & I was having strange fantasies about warehouses & planes flying closely overhead.

I blame my lack of concentration on the following:

1) The fact that Hershey stock went down (I told you...I'm chocolate obsessed, didn't I?).
2) Being preoccupied with technology that makes me drool (no, not THAT).
3) Lace boxers (would you wear them? Even if they didn't itch?).
4) Having access to red wine before noon.
5) Avocados with lime juice...ok, guacamole.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Lunar Eclipse

Did you see it?!

It was (is) stunningly beautiful.

Right now the moon is so high up in the sky...& if I stand in the driveway & look straight up...I see it.

It started out white, then glowed softly yellow & ended up red.

I stood there like an idiot in my pjs out in the cold with the wind going through me & no thoughts of going back for a coat until I was numb...but yeah...it was worth it.


Monday, February 18, 2008



I've loved this photographer's images for a while now.

His working name is Rankin (a little pretentious with the one name...but I'm over it).

Such sensuous images. I kind of devour them.

Hungry yet?

I recently found out that he codirected a movie & I'm not sure if I should give it a go.

Can I ask you to watch the trailer & give me your thoughts? Would you watch it?

It's called "The Lives of the Saints". Have you seen it? Did you love it? Was it as visually beautiful as his photography?

OK...enough with the questions from me.


Let me know what you think...pretty please.

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Friday, February 15, 2008



As I was shopping the other day I saw this oh-so-well-dressed man & was in awe.

Was this the way people used to dress to run to the market?

I was immediately smitten.

The cell phone pic. does not do him justice.

He had on a well fitted jacket, a sweater vest & a striped shirt that complimented his red tie.

Did you notice the hat? Dapper is the word I'd use. He even had a pocket square.

He was so cute that I tailed him around the store trying to wish him into being my kindly old grandfather.


Monday, February 11, 2008


Happy almost Tuesday.

Did I mention how cold it's starting to get around here? I went outside today & froze my insides off (I took these photos just to prove I actually went outside). If you have any warm stories for me...now would be the time to tell me.

I watched what I thought would be a steamy movie this weekend. It was called Sex & Lucia (or Lucía y el sexo...it's in Spanish with subtitles). I'll watch a movie with subtitles if it's worth it...this one wasn't.

This movie was full of what where supposed to be sensual?...or just phallic? symbols. She's on an island...passing a lighthouse, falling down a hole...gee, please smack me upside the head with a hard dick...I GET IT!

& if that wasn't bad enough...images of this gorgeous naked woman are ruined completely when one minute she's loving herself in the shower & the very next second we have to endure her on the potty...um...why?

You don't want to know the rest of it...trust me.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


As I was flipping the channels a few nights ago I ran across the Lifetime show, "How to Look Good Naked". It's hosted by Carson Kressley, who my sister spotted iceskating in Bryant Park this winter & proceeded to gush over & partially molest to the best of her ability. He was extremely nice about it...so I watched the show.

Turns out the one I watched dealt with a 5' tall girl who thought her thighs were too fat & her height was too ridiculous. OK, so we had a few (2) things in common.

The show was both optimistic & honest. He taught her to walk in very tall heels (a skill I'm working on) & gave her some more tips:

Dressing in all one color will give a shorty an illusion of height by making the eye move from top to bottom without any interruptions.

Buy a couple of bras with seams, they support better.

Keeping the jacket somewhat short helps make your legs appear longer.

So, there you have it...cool show...but I'm not completely sure I'll have the patience to watch many more episodes. For the guys, would you watch it for the chicks in sexy underwear? It has that going for it (very nice underwear too).


Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Super Fat Tuesday

My friend sent out a mass e-mail imploring his friends " if you care about me at all...you'll do me a favor and please vote for Ron Paul tomorrow, February 5th in the NJ or NY primary... It would mean a lot to me."

Fact is, I'm a registered INDEPENDENT & proud of it (so I can't vote in the primary). I mean really...do you want to affiliate yourself with either party at this point?

I do however have an irrational hatred brewing for crying Hillary...although...having good ol' Bill in the White House again would surely be entertaining. Think he can score himself another girlie who will blow him...then save her dress with the presidential seal all over it? I never got that part of the story...does she not believe in dry cleaning? Or was it some kind of memento of the great times she had under Dick's...I mean Bill's desk?

I heard a reporter say that Hillary is like America's ex-wife...& now our alimony is due.

Also...she's like the 4th grade teacher in who's class we all wished we were dead.

The question: Is America ready for a woman president? (I think so).

The real question: Is America ready for THIS woman? (As a woman...I refuse to accept her as a member of my gender).

Monday, February 04, 2008


Here's Spit in Your Eye

My eye is stinging. It's because I got spinach dip in it. I was dipping a cucumber slice into the dip & I must have done it with too much force because a blob of the green stuff splashed up & hit me in the left eyeball. When I looked in the mirror I expecting to see a huge spinach leaf hanging out of my eye socket. Nope...nothing...but that was over an hour ago & it still stings.

I got up this morning & thought...that punch in the gut is just around the corner...I just know it...it's just a sneaking suspicion...but it's there today...threatening me... two steps behind me...ready to knock the wind out of me when I least suspect it.

If you are a morning person...explain how you get out of bed all happy & sweet in the morning...go ahead...I dare you. It's not that I'm cranky in the morning...just don't bang on the bars around my cage & we'll be ok & there may not be any blood shed at all (& wouldn't that be nice?).

What the hell is wrong with me? I felt like a soufflé for a couple of days...it was an awesome feeling...all airy & flaky...but then I realized that the word soufflé comes from the French verb...souffler...which means to blow up...ok...don't get smart with me...you caught me...I looked it up...ok? are you happy now?


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