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Friday, July 29, 2005


2 Random Thoughts for a Friday

Random Thought #1:

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Yay...I won a blog contest! Tee of Spilt Milk fame wanted ideas
for her new logo...& she liked my ideas (the girl must have great
taste...lol). The new logo's not up yet...but I can't wait to see how she
interprets my vision.

Random Thought #2:

Why does it take me so long to get my shit together after I pay for
something at a checkout counter. I'm all like...thanks...& the clerk
behind the counter is all like...you're welcome...now go away...& I'm all
flustered...trying to put all my change in order & get it back into my
wallet in some semblance of tidiness (all the bills in order & facing
the same way...insanity...I know)...it takes me forever...& the angry
crowd behind me gets angrier by the second...which makes me fumble all
the more.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday

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Last week Kayten posted one of her erogenous spots.

Today...I'm posting one of mine...can you guess??

...please excuse my messy doo...

Tuesday, July 26, 2005



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Ok...better late than never. Here are some more photos of last weekend's trip to Philly. We traveled with lots of family members. When we got to the hotel on Saturday morning, there was a large group of loud people in the lobby. Looking more closely...I discovered that they were my people (siblings, nieces, nephews, parents, & cousins). We kind of overtook the place (it felt good).

Off we went to see The Phillies play The Padres. The ball park is only a couple of years old & it's worth a visit. The game was tied with no score until the middle of the 4th inning. It ended with a score of 2-0...not terribly exciting baseball...at least I had a fantasy player in the line-up...so I had something to root for (Brian Giles-right fielder for The Padres...he hit .333 that week).

After the game...it was a short train ride to Dave & Busters. I'd never been to a D&B before...so it was an experience. This one is in a huge old warehouse on a pier. this is the kind of place that gets you coming AND going...drinks, dinner, 1,000 games...I have no idea how much cash flowed by the time the night was over...plus...there was Clay...the cute, young, attentive waiter who worked his arse off for his ginormous tip.

The next day was spent walking around the city, poking down side streets, dragging Hubby to yet another art show & finally making our sweet way to South Street. I love this place. The street is full of bars, odd shops (you can find everything from musical, vibrating condoms to stained glass to funky, funky clothes).

We stopped for a cheesesteak at Jim's. Holy fucking crap...are these good. The line is usually around the block...but it's worth the wait. I have never, ever had a better cheesesteak in my entire life...ever. It's the kind of thing you savor & think about fondly later.

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Here are two of my cutie-pie...& oh so silly nieces...keeping track of them on the train was entertaining. One ran off the train as the doors were closing...& it wasn't our stop...I grabbed her just before she was spit in two by the doors...we laughed about it (hey, nobody lost a limb) & she promised not to tell her mother (good kid that she is).

Monday, July 25, 2005



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Happy Monday.
I had a nice weekend...did you?
I had lots of pics to share...
I downloaded them from my camera to a zip disk
& it's sitting on the center island in my kitchen right now
(right next to my shopping list...which I also forgot).
I'll spend the rest of the day being pissed at myself for blanking out
this morning. I had so many things to bring to work with me today
(cell phone...is it charged? pocket book, gym bag...where is my favorite T-shirt?
lunch, snack, water, important paperwork that lay ignored on the kitchen table
all weekend)...I ran out of hands (I just hate when that happens)...
& I never made that all important second trip back to the house to get
the remainder of my stuff.

Anyway, tomorrow, hopefully, barring unforeseen circumstances...
I'll have pics from my weekend in Philly.

Friday, July 22, 2005

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There is no excuse for what I did last night...none at all
(if you're expecting something racy...stop reading right here...'cuz it ain't
gonna happen this time). I watched part of the TV show...Hooking Up.
I saw the commercial for this inane show earlier in the week...
I thought...hmmm...a show about internet dating...sounds like a fun way
to waste my brain out on a Thursday night

I usually have no problem with this type of rot your brain out
television...but this one billed itself as a serious news
documentary...what? Are they joking? With cutie graphics, a catchy
name & easy set ups that almost make it inevitable that the daters
will hook up...this show smacks of reality TV.

Don't get me wrong, it was fun to watch...for as long as I could take it.

Last night, Amy, a cuter than you could possibly stand, 28-year-old real estate agent had these gems to share:

" Maybe...if I sleep with him...

I'll get to know the real him...

I'll find out how he really is...

Unfortunately, that's what it might take"

Is she kidding me? She's going to sleep with him TO GET TO KNOW HIM
BETTER? Shit...why didn't I think of that? Want to get to know someone
REAL WELL in a short amount of time? You do? Well then, stick your
thang in her thang & presto baby...you'll know all you need to
know...or am I just being silly?

...I thought it was telling that one of the producers is Terrence
Wrong...I wouldn't take advice from...Mr. Wrong...would you?

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Another Half-Nekkid Thursday

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So, I went out & plopped down $35 for a Nike dri-fit sports bra.
I put it on & felt very comfy in it. I started my workout & found out that it did many of the things it claimed it could do when I bought it...when I started to work up a sweet sweat...it actually did move the perspiration away from my body...I stayed dry...oh yeah...I was loving this. I did some bounce inspiring aerobics...& it supported me in all the right places & allowed very little...bouncing...hot damn...I was getting exciting...how often do you buy something that actually lives up to it's marketed promises so well? (in my opinion...not that often).

I finished my workout...I was so pleased that I almost skipped happily to the locker room. Off came the sneakers, off came the socks, next...the T-shirt slid over my head. I was so captivated by my new bra...that I was reluctant to take it off. I reached one hand down & tried to pull the bra off from the bottom edge. The damn thing seemed to be stuck. I got it as far as my left armpit...then got stuck again. At one point I pulled with such force that my body slammed into the lockers.

I'm telling you, my eyes were watering by the time I got this sucker off. Evidently, anything made of Dri-fit material SHRINKS a bit...when it absorbs moisture.

Thanks for telling me that small, little fact...Nike!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005



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As we sat in the cheap seats in Fenway Park...watching The Red Sox play their hated rivals...our hearts beat to the rhythm of ...win for me...win for me.

The press was reporting the weaknesses of the yankees...but that's never a good sign. They've always got strength under the surface. Al Leiter was brought out of mothballs to save their day. I had a feeling that he was going to...bring it under pressure.

Tim Wakefield (is he the only knuckleballer currently playing?) pitched a complete game & gave up three homers (that accounted for all of the yanks scoring)...but The Sox didn't go down without a fight. In a bottom of the ninth rally, my beloved Manny hit a leadoff homer (yay...at least I got to see a Sox homer at Fenway).

I was going to write up the game...play be play...but who'd read it? I have to say...it was a blast being at the game. Watching the faces in the crowd...looking like they were taking the defeat more personally than the guys in the dugout...no...that part wasn't fun...but I love the passion some fans have for the game & their teams. It blows me away. I'd feel like I was somehow missing out if I didn't make myself a part of it.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005



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Good morning. I just got back from a glorious trip to Boston. We stayed in Cambridge & had a lovely view of The Charles River from our 16th floor hotel room. I was as happy as a clam until a huge boat on the river thought they’d be doing me a disservice if they did not blow their extremely loud & bone shattering horn at 5:30 in the morning. Needless to say, that is not a nice way to start the day. Shaken & bruised, I walked the trails by the river for an hour...till the rest of humanity awoke for the day. The humidity was starting to melt into my skin by 6:30 (not a good sign).

The rest of the day was spent touring the historic part of Harvard University. I think the words that came to mind while walking through the campus were...handsome & scholarly. For some reason (maybe it’s past history as a male only school), the place had a distinctly masculine feel to it.

I dragged (& I do mean...dragged) Hubby to their museum of natural history. To say that he was enthralled by Scot Miller’s photographs of Walden Woods...would be a bold faced lie. I enjoyed every second of it & tried my best to ignore the snide comments, sleeve pulling & general annoying behavior of Hubby...who clearly did not want to be there.

After a quick...but ungodly hot ride on the T (the red line...to the green) we landed our butts in downtown Boston a few hours before the game. We had a nice lunch & descended on Fenway. The energy around the stadium was buzzing. It was a sea of red & blue. Tons of yankee fans had made the 250 mile trip from The Big Apple to Beantown. We found our seats in the bleachers just in time to hear the yankees lineup being announced. The place exploded...more booh...than cheers for the bombers.

The Sox were announced & not one person remained seated. This is what I love most about these two teams. Their fans are not normal fans. This is not a game to them. This is a heartfelt religion & allegiance. Your team becomes part of your soul. Tell me you’re a yankee fan & I know two things about you. You’re used to winning & you hate The Redsox. Tell me you’re a Redsox fan & I instantly know you are used to almost winning (last year’s the exception) AND you hate the yankees.

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Friday, July 15, 2005



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Dick hates when I post about...SHOES...but Dick isn't here...
now is he?!

Here's my latest obsession. Aren't they cute? I'm not sure I'm going to
buy them though. I have to go & try them on. The web site does not have
my size, but I called Nordstrom & they have a display model in my size.
My shoes are currently in one of the store windows facing out onto
Rockefeller Center. I'm looking forward to seeing what the mannequin
is wearing with them (who knows...maybe she's got a better
fashion sense then I do).

I'll surely be pissed if they're gone when I get there...but Marco...
in the women's shoe department...assured me that he'll guard them until
I can get my ass to the store...& Marco has not let me down yet.
Everyone needs an inside source when it comes to tracking shoes...
especially if your feet have not grown since the 5th grade & you constantly
have to fight with Asian women & children for the few shoes they carry
in your size.

It's hell out there, people...hell.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


It's Half-Nekkid Thursday Again

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Oh yeah, I'm loving the Half-Nekkid Thursday fun.
The possibilities seem endless.

While taking a bath this weekend, I took an extra shot just for today.
I'm in there somewhere.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Fear & Dread in the Tunnel

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I've never been much of a phobia person...I try not to feed into my fears if I can help it at all. I think I may have a small bit of Arachnophobia...but who the hell likes spiders anyway?

As I was driving home from work yesterday, I found myself helplessly, hopelessly...STUCK in the tunnel. The cars in front of me just STOPPED moving. What the hell?! I thought...as I sat there in the middle of the goddammed tunnel. I couldn't see daylight ahead of or behind me, there was no way out. My heart started racing & my eyes began frantically darting all over the place...looking for an escape. I don't know if it was my vicious fear of traffic or my nasty fear of being trapped (small spaces don't bother me...unless there are load of people crammed into them)...but I needed to be out of there immediately! It all felt like it was closing in on me.

This lasted about 5 minutes...then the cars ahead of me mercifully started moving again & all was right with the world...for a while anyway.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005



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Yesterday, Stacie completely got on my good side
(you don't want to get on my bad side...ok, my
bad side is really not all that bad...but it's no fun saying that...so I
pretend to have a vicious, unholy, bitch of a bad side) by asking to
see photos of my beloved garden. I'll admit to being a garden geek. I
love my flowers & can tell you all about each one of them.

If you asked what kind of flowers are pictured above, I'd gladly tell
you that they are (from left to right...then going around
clockwise...just for my own amusement); Liatris, pansies, clematis & Asiatic
(specifically Connecticut Star...like you care)lilies.

I've also got tomatoes, zucchini, a couple kinds of peppers, broccoli,
basil & English lavender...plus many, many more flowers, ferns & water

OK...if you've read this far, you're on my good side today
too...because you're indulging me...& I'm a sucker for being

Monday, July 11, 2005



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After working in the garden for hours...in the heat this weekend...I was more than ready to head into the house to take a bath. I felt kind of earthy...not to mention itchy & sweaty.

I kicked off my shoes, went upstairs & started filling the tub with super-hot water. After getting my supplies together (big fluffy towel,
bath gel, scrunchy body scrubber thing, my book), I slipped off my clothes & slid into my hot bath. I had every intention of lingering. I inhaled the clean scent & felt the warm water all around me. I gently moved the scrunchy body washing thingy (what the hell are these things called, anyway?) all over myself. I washed everywhere...& garden dirt drifted into the bath water. I felt clean & content. I leaned all the way back until my head was underwater...with no noises & water covering every inch of me...I felt unruffled & calm. I stayed submerged for as long as I could.

When I can up for air, I was out of breath & just a little bit dizzy. I started at the ceiling, squinted my eyes & looked for hidden images in my funky painted walls & ceiling.

Can you see anything subliminal up there...or is it just me?

Friday, July 08, 2005


Where in the World is Dick?

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Good question. Any one of the things listed below may...or may not...be true:

• His obsession with the breasts of Dolly Parton have made him go on a long, arduous & time consuming journey to find her & ultimately fondle her bigger than life boobies.

• The image above of Dolly doing her patriotic thang...isn't really Dolly at all...it's Dick decked out in drag. It's his oddly moving way of paying tribute to the object of his stalker-like desire & his country...all at the same time.

• He ran off & got engaged to his girlfriend (POD woman)...because she finally opened up her poop shoot to him.

• He no longer wants anything to do with this blog or me...due to the fact that he refuses to have anything to do with someone who makes fun of his fiancé's holy poop shoot.

• He became very involved with the cleaning lady at his new job...his opening line of..."Usted tiene un anus hermoso" won her over (big time).

• After accidentally spilling his beloved Guinness & muttering something about the ungodly tragedy of "wasting a pint of the good stuff"...he hasn't been able to control his sobbing since that fateful day.

• He fell in love with a hot, lusty soccer mom at one of his son's games & hasn't left the comfort of her mini van in months.

Guess which one of these things is true...or...better yet...tell me if you've seen Dick lately & where you've seen him...because I'm just the kind of good natured friend who'd come & get him...then beat him to a pulp for not posting...

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Half-Nekkid Thursday

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A blogger that I am not that familiar with (but intend to read from now on) ...came up with the concept for...
Half-Nekkid Thursday. The idea is to take a photo of a part of yourself & either tell the story that goes with it...or not. A couple of the bloggers who I am familiar with have participated in the past & I'm jumping on the bandwagon (it seems).

While driving to work this morning...I took a photo of my bruised & swollen wrist. It's kind of a fuzzy photo...but that's what you get when your trying to drive (I'm a really good multitasker).

I inflicted this injury on myself by falling off my bicycle last weekend. It seems my mind got confused when I tried to cross a busy street. I was torn between cycling across & stopping & walking my bike across the street...so I just stopped & fell to the side...straight down. Good move?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005



It's a sleepy day here in Chickville.

I'm currently:




Listening to…

Eagerly Awaiting the Release of…


I'm slightly addicted to all of these things for the moment.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


How Do I Look?

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After not sleeping much two nights ago...I spent yesterday in a coma of yawns, bbq's & Coronas...(it wasn't entirely unpleasant), I got some well needed sleep last night. I'm hoping for the best tonight...but who knows...

I just got back from lunch with my sis & niece. My niece spent the entire lunch doing my hair while I ate (that's what cool aunts are for) & then drawing my portrait. What do you think? The likeness is uncanny. I DO have a bright yellow body with stick arms & legs. She even drew my cool pink handbag. She drew a shopping bag in my other hand as a reminder...that I'm supposed to take her for a fabulous, girls only, shopping day soon.

I now have to get my ass to the ladies room & take the purple pigtail holders out of my hair & wipe the glitter off my face & body...or should I just be silly...& keep my chic new look for the rest of the day?

Monday, July 04, 2005


Happy 4th of July

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I think I may have jinxed myself the other day...by writing about what I used to do when I couldn’t sleep.

It’s 4 AM & I find myself awake after about 3 hours of sleep. I’ve tried some of the things you guys suggested...but I’m still up. Am I glad I don’t have to go into work today...oh...yes I am.

I hope everyone is having a great 4th of July.

That’s all I got today...what? It’s 4 AM...what did you really expect from me...at this hour? If I feel inspiration hit me...at a more sane time today...I’ll add to this nothing of a post...deal?

Friday, July 01, 2005



Have you ever been so bored in any given moment, that you didn’t know what to do with yourself?

As I was driving home from work last night, I found myself in this predicament. I didn’t want to drive anywhere...I just wanted to be home already.

I racked my brain for ways to entertain myself on the drive. The first thing that came to mind...who can I call? After one ten minute conversation with a friend who had to go & a couple of left messages to friends & family...I was back to being bored.

I popped a cd in & turned the volume all the way up. The Killers sang ...

...Well somebody told me
You had a boyfriend
Who looked like a girlfriend
That I had in February of last year
It's not confidential
I've got potential...

I sang it at the top of my lungs (& I sang it proud). After three more songs...tedium set in again. I reached into my bag & pulled out the moisturizer. I slathered my arms...then my legs (it would have been harder to do...if I wasn’t wearing a skirt). I overestimated the amount of lotion I needed to cover these parts (as I always seem to do)...so the rest got slathered on my stomach. All was right with my little world in the car...for about 30 seconds. I enjoyed the fragrant smell of lavender & I was feeling less dry (always a good thing).

Monotony set in again & I found myself trying to blend two shades of lipstick on my lips. I’ve heard you can create some magical colors by doing this...I just created a sloppy mess. I then decided to braid the left side of my hair. By this time...I was finally headed down my street. On the last few feet of my trip...I had the choice of grabbing the garage door opener & unclicking my seatbelt...or returning myself to an outward appearance of normality...I chose opening the door & unclicking...my boredom was over...& I had a cool new look to show as a reward for living though it.

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