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Thursday, July 31, 2008


I Miss Manny Already

Am I upset that Theo traded Manny?


I may be the only Manny fan left on the East Coast...but I do not care.

Do I care that during last night's awful showing against the angels...

that Manny held up a sign saying...

"Trade me for Favre"


I seriously hate that Scott Boras is ruining baseball.

I care that Manny will no longer smile while hitting another homer in a Redsox uniform.

I care that such a unique character will leave a hole in my beloved team.

I care that opposing teams will now pitch around Big Papi more than ever before.

I care that left field will never again be the same at Fenway.

I loved to watch Manny play.

He loves the game.

He loves it when he's hitting well.

He loved it just the same when he's not.

NL pitching...you are screwed.

It will be interesting though to see Torre try to manage Manny.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008



OK, I need to know when Anthropologie is having a serious sale & soon.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008


Open House

I went to meet my mom at an open house the other day.

She sells real estate on the side.

Someone in her office had a listing in my town.

Beautiful house on a park-like 4 acres.

I walked in to find my mother not there.

The listing agent, Anthony was.

I told him I was only there to meet my mom & not to bother giving me the "please buy this house" pitch.

He said he'd show me the house anyway.

No one came to this open house due to the crappy market & the extreme heat.

As we walked thorough all the rooms...

Anthony snuck in questions here & there like...

"Soooo...how old is your mom?"


I know she'd kill me if I told another soul.

When I was a kid we'd celebrate her 29th birthday every stinkin year.

After 1,000 more Mom questions...

I sort of got the idea that he was pre-hitting on mom through me...

while trying to pressure me into buying a house at the same time.

Novel approach...I have to say.

It was all worth it in the end.

I gave mom the headsup on good ol' Anthony.

& I plan to go back to the backyard with my camera soon

if no one buys this vacant & lovely house.


Thursday, July 24, 2008



If all else fails...

...there's always shoes...

"Funny that a pair of really nice shoes make us feel good in our heads - at the extreme opposite end of our bodies." ~Levende Waters

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Saturday, July 19, 2008


Tudor City

There is an area in the City...New York...if you have your own city & don't know which one I'm referring to here...that my dad mentioned a little while ago. It's a place all the way over on the east side. It comprises an area from 40th street to 43rd street between 1st & 2nd Ave (a block away from the river).

Tudor City is a little hidden away (as much as anything can be hidden away in NY) section of Manhattan that seems to be like a world of it's own. It retains some of the charm of the time it was built.

"Completed in 1928, it consisted of 12 apartment buildings containing 3000 housing units & 600 hotel rooms. The design by the architect H. Douglas Ives & his team was based heavily on the Tudor Style, an architectural style prevalent during the Tudor Dynasty. Characteristic for this style is the brickwork & the application of fine intricate stonework."

My parents met & courted here. They both worked in midtown & would meet for lunches in the gardens of Tudor City. I never heard any of these stories until recently. My mother is not one to talk of her childhood much. So much so, that we sometimes wonder if she actually had one. She never brings up stories like this either & I have no idea why. My father, on the other hand...comes from a line of Irish storytellers (just ask him...if you have LOTS of time to spare).

They'd meet in the warm months on lunch breaks from work. They'd sit in the courtyards of Tudor City & eat pretzels brought on the street or my father would glom down a sidewalk hotdog (probably with everything on it) & chat. My mother is reserved & proper (most of the time) & dressed to the nines. She'd never dream of wearing sneakers or even flat shoes to walk faster on her way in those days. Those were the days of skirts & dresses & pantyhose (the word alone makes me itch).

I can picture them...my mom all pretty in the black & white suit with the cropped jacket & knee length skirt (one of the few things she saved from back then...she let me wear it once to a job interview...such a well made pretty suit...we both can't fit into the 24 inch waist anymore...sheesh...can't even image the damn thing ever fit either of us), & my dad in a dark suit with a skinny tie.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008



On this particular sunny day...

It was all about the silly black dress.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The House of Tudor

I just finished reading The Other Boleyn Girl. What a descriptively creative story. It's told from the point of view of Mary Boleyn, sister of the infamous Anne Boleyn, the second wife to King Henry the VIII, who untimely lost her head. Mary is married off at 15...then, chosen to be the King's mistress. What fun...& I left out the part about the gay brother & the witch & the prostitutes.

The next day I received The Tudors from Netflix. Seems I'm obsessed with Henry VIII & this whole time in history. Has anyone else seen this ShowTime series? Holy crap is Jonathan Rhys Meyers lovely? He's got lips to die for...plus, he's deliciously Irish in real life. I sort of miss his Irish accent in this as he tries to sound English.

I love the clothes from this time period...although...I'm sure if I had to wear them I'd be so uncomfortable. All that tightening & pushing up...gotta love a good heaving bosom though...no?

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Saturday, July 12, 2008


Breakfast of Champions

My body was craving junk for breakfast.

This is what I ended up with...

Instead of my usual yogurt & granola.

Yep, it was garbage & alcohol in the early AM.

Take my advice...

Never eat anything that says..."Guess the Flavor"

Just don't do it.

You just won't be tickled.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008



Four ‘giant’ waterfalls have been created in New York City this summer as part of a public art project designed by Danish artist Olafur Eliasson. One of the waterfalls (shown above) will be constructed beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, while the others will fall from free-standing scaffolding towers on the East river.

“It’s about seeing water in a different way,” Eliasson told a news conference on Wednesday, unveiling plans for the waterfalls, which range in height from 90 to 120 feet...around the same as the Statue of Liberty from head to toe.

Come see my PHOTOS HERE. (Click on slideshow all the way to the right).

I had a great time viewing these waterfalls from a pier at the South Street Seaport & from a boat ride. The change they made to this busy part of the city was calming & beautiful. They made you take time out of your busy day...time to slow down & just enjoy.

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Saturday, July 05, 2008



Have you ever had the feeling that you have everything figured out in life because you heard this song playing in the ladies room at a restaurant in the South Street Seaport during a day off in the middle of the afternoon? You sort of take it as a sign. Oh, & you're spending the day looking at ART
(many photos to come) with your friend & you've had a bit too much to drink.

Then, the feeling goes away as fast as it came & you actually know that you still have nothing figured out but that little bit of time spend dancing in the bathroom certainly helped.

Do you know what I mean? Even just a little bit?

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


One of Those Days...

(yeah, that's what I looked like.)

I wasn't having the best time of it anyway...

THEN, when I was walking back from picking up a quick lunch...

I tripped on the line where the carpet meets the tile floor.

I went straight down like a cartoon character fainting.

Only forward.

Straight down.

My body didn't bend at all.

My left hand smacked the floor in a stupid effort to have me.

My veggie burger flew out of my right hand & skidded on the floor.

Ketchup spewed out in front of me.

As I hit the floor I heard a small noise.

I remember thinking that it sounded oddly

like the sound my Barbies used to make as my little brother was snapping off their heads.

Strange what goes through your mind sometimes.

(also, odd that he had such a fascination with making all my dolls disabled).

I realized that the sound actually was my ribs on my idiotic left side hitting the tile.

I really did think that my boobs would cushion me better than that.

& yeah, they currently hurt like hell too now.

A very nice guy picked me up by my good hand.

I thanked him for not laughing.

He told me I looked shaken up & sat me in a chair in the lobby.

I'd probably laugh if I saw someone else take an ungraceful tumble like that.

But he didn't & I sat there & tried with all my stupid might not to cry.

Sitting hurt...so I left work early & went to one of those emergency medicine places.

Turns out I cracked a rib & sprained my wrist.

I'm taking my bow now & giving myself the thumbs up sign for putting on such a good show.


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