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Wednesday, February 28, 2007



I found this store in my travels not long ago.

It's a stripped down, bare bones kind if place that doesn't mess around.

You want tank tops in every conceivable color?

They got 'em.

You want 'em for about 6 bucks each?

No problem.

6 bucks?!

I was in heaven.

Did I need every stinkin color?

Not really...but did I mention...THEY WERE 6 DOLLARS!

Oh...& did I mention the affordable cashmere scarves & sweaters?

I was like a kid with ADD...running around the store...

...getting distracted by things with bright colors seen from the corner of my eye.

...running from corner to corner of the store like crack whore trying to get her next fix (whatever).

If you aren't in the area...check out the store site.

Monday, February 26, 2007


Notes on my day:

I almost got hit by a garbage truck while driving to work this morning. The truck was pulling out onto a side street. He was making a left. I was fast approaching from behind his right side...but hey...I got there first...what was he doing continuing on?...like I wasn't even there? What? He has a blind spot the exact size of my car with me in it? Who'd have figured that?

I ripped my pants...on the inseam at noon-ish today. My thigh busted through. Are my pants not so subtly trying to tell me something? How rude...they could have done it in private...they surely could have.

Eeeww...just saw a woman in the bathroom at work with no shoes on. I'd rather have someone madly tickle my feet without restraint (& trust me...I hate that) than ever go into a public bathroom with my feet bare like that. Eeew.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Doesn't a great day off from everything do you good every once in a while?

This is what I did with mine.

Monday, February 19, 2007


So far today...

I've been trying to get the taste of soy milk out of my mouth...

What was I thinking?

I've also been feeling a little bit woozy

for the last couple of days.

I'd go to the doctor

but I'm afraid he'd just poo-poo me

& I don't think I'm in any mood to be poo-pooed today.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007



If I sit in front of this screen long enough...

...something to write will come to me, right?

Um...no...not this time.

Don't you just hate when that happens?

I detest it with a passion...I really do...you know...the kind of passion that's usually saved for chocolates with fudgy centers...the kind where the center goops out of your mouth & onto your blouse if you try to bite them in half. To avoid the mess you should really pop the whole damn thing into your mouth & fill it up with chocolatey goodness. But the thing is...I don't seem to be into avoiding messes...sure...I give it a try every now & then...but somehow I usually end up with fudge on my top.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


"A body without freckles is like a night without stars"?

Went to the dermatologist to take care of this damn Irish skin.

I was there 15 minutes early (as they requested)

To take care of the new patient paperwork.

(no, I don't have any history of skin cancer, no, I'm not allergic to penicillin, yes, I have insurance, no, I'm not allergic to penicillin...I swear...they asked me that 8 times on the same form.)

Seems some doctors overbook.

About 3 people had 8:30AM appointments with the same doc.

I went into the little room & did the paper gown thing.

2 physician's assistants came in & looked me over.

No tact there, they ripped the gown to bits to get at me

(I was freezing & felt more than a little stupid in that tattered gown).

They didn't like some of my freckles.

They wanted to take the bigger, darker ones off.

Ouch...I thought.

I talked them into only killing 7.

They ended up taking one off the side of my left knee.

(Not that one...that's my favorite...but off it went.)

I'm now covered in band-aides.

Oh...the doc finally came in & looked down at me on the table.

All ripped up gown & ouchies was I.

Nice to meet you...great bedside manner...twat.

Yep, we all made fun of him when he left.

Why do I have to pay him at all?

If it were up to me...insurance would only pay the lovely PA's who ripped through my freckles.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007



I know...I know...Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday...but did anyone else watch the World Hamburger Eating Contest ? ESPN2 covered it live & they even had helmet cams so you could view the food going right down the contestant's gullets from their view. It was so disgusting...I couldn't look away.

Anyone who watches the Nathan's Hotdog Eating Contest every 4th of July knows who Takeru Kobayashi is. He's the small guy who eats like a machine. He dips the bun & meat in water (as they all do now) & shoves the whole stinkin thing down his throat without chewing. He ate 97 burgers in 8 minutes. Granted, they are small Krystal burgers (the same size as White Castles)...but still (I think I could kill about 15...maybe...but I eat slow). His profile says that he holds world records in eating the most rice balls, hotdogs & cow brains...among other things.

I find this whole competitive eating thing...fascinating. As teenagers a group of us used to take day trips to the beach & sit in the sun all day gorging on so much crap. I'd never win the "how many donut holes can you fit in your mouth" contest. I never even came close. It was always won by my friend Jo who was a ringer. She'd fool 'em every damn time. Her record was 12 & she'd leave the big guys in awe...they never saw it coming...beaten by a GIRL (with a huge mouth)...talent comes in all shapes & sizes...whatever...it amused me & apparently still does.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Friday Random Ten Songs

I saw this on justacoolcat's site & it's Friday...so...what the hell...here ya go:

The rules: "Take out your iPod or other musical device. Put it in "random" mode. Hit "play." Write down the first ten tracks that come up ...& no fair putting in ones you think will make you look cool, or omitting ones that make you look like a total dork."

My Friday Random Ten

1. I Want You - Rachael Yamagata

2. Six to Go - The Pogues

3. Ache For You - Ben Lee

4. Long Way Down - Goo Goo Dolls

5. The Usual Place - Marshall Crenshaw

6. Truly, Madly, Deeply - Ray LaMontagne

7. If Not For You - Bob Dylan

8. Fumbling Towards Ecstasy - Sarah McLaughlin

9. Innocent - Fuel

10. Somedays - Regina Spektor

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