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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Whatever Happened to...

Ever wonder about the whereabouts of the long gone from this site Dick?

Our hero was last heard from IM-ing me from his job to mine the other day.

(He's the lightning to my flower...whatever that means).

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Self Acceptance

What do you find sensual
About you...when you are alone with you?
Those things about you that sometimes cross your mind when you are twisted in your sheets
pleasing no one but yourself…..
List them
As many or as few as you want
Just a list describing it. The less words the better.
no talking around them
Anyone wanting to join in the squirming...publicly...or privately (e-mail)
Please feel free.
I'd love to hear them:

• Hands & soft touches.

• Lips - I'm a Chapstick junkie...so we're talking SOFT here.

• Nipples - I get so much damn pleasure out of them.

• Breasts - the undersides...so soft & sensitive.

• Hipbones - love to slowly run my hands over them.

• That spot below my belly button & above my...pressing my palm
there when I...oooohhh.

• Thighs - I like fullness there...grabbing them...squeezing that
flesh...holding on.

• The back of my knees...while I hate being tickled...here...I don't
mind...light brushes of fingertips to this soft & neglected spot gives
me shivers.

• Can I say lips again...but this time the other ones?

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Half Nakedness?

In the spirit of my last post...

& trying to be more comfortable naked...

I thought I'd go as far as

Showing my old favorite jeans with some barely half nakedness.

Monday, May 21, 2007



Have you ever stood in front of a full length mirror & been naked?

(I mean REALLY naked)

& have you really looked at yourself?

(I mean REALLY looked)

Why is it so scary? (to me at least).

I stood there looking at paleness.

I tried not to be self critical

Tried not to think that my ass is too big & my...(hey, I said I TRIED).

Damn, it was hard to stand there & not flinch.

I think part of the reason may be because so few of us think we live up to what's plastered everywhere in front of us as beautiful...but really...does that simple explanation even come close to skimming the surface of what my problem is here...um...probably not.

For me, I think it has to do with seeing all my negative qualities first. I'm not exclusively talking about physical things either. Being so naked & bare makes me see so many bad qualities in myself...but I won't list them here either.

Why do we (OK, maybe it's just me...but I don't think so) beat ourselves up so much when we do any naked, self-searching? (hmmm...things are sounding better already).

Try it...take everything off & stand in front of a long mirror...look for a while...what do you see? Tell me what you see past the insecurities & the surface stuff.

I recently watched Thinking XXX on HBO. Sort of a documentary of the photographer Timothy Greenfield -Sanders. His usual work is taking portraits. In this film he documents his taking clothed & naked portraits of porn stars. It really wasn't that insightful...but what I came away with was...damn, these people are comfortable being naked.

I realize with what these people sell for a living...they have to be more than a little bit disconnected...to do it...but how do they walk around a room of clothed people & be naked & not think a thing about it...let alone have sex on camera for a living? It can't be because they are that satisfied with who they are...can it? If they are that content...how can their souls not be cracked by doing what they are doing?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Happy Wednesday

Midweek...wooh...made it through...this far. I wore wedgie-sandals today that I constantly dragged on the floor as I walked. Annoying...I know & to make matters worse...I seemed to have to make raspberry noises every damn time my left foot hit the floor (sounded like...click, plllluh, click). OK...I didn't know how to spell the sound of a raspberry...so...this guy made a video of the art of raspberry-ing. (Turns out you CAN find anything you want on the internet).

Great shot for a cover, right? Here's a video of how this was created. Left out of the video is all of the boring bits...like the waiting around, the changing of every little thing until everyone is satisfied (or screaming like a loon on crack), the gazillion shots taken that are never used & all of the post processing...but it still sort of gives somewhat of an idea of the behind the scenes action & effort it takes for 7 pages of a story to be created.

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


My Saturday night was spent at a swanky restaurant listening to my lovely family members complain about the arrangements I made to celebrate my dearest mother’s birthday. There we sat at an unbelievably elegant restaurant (which pleased my mother to no end) & I had to endure one sibling at a time whisper snide remarks about what they’d have done differently had they gotten off their fat butts & actually planned something.

I made the choice to have the restaurant serve us the 5 course wine tasting menu because that’s just the kind of thing that would tickle her (& it did...& if anything gives me a couple of hours of peace with my mother...I’LL DO IT).

Sister #1 was pissed that it was a little bit on the expensive side...”I don’t think I brought enough money,” she whined...mind you...her father in law had just left them a tidy sum of cash...so, it’s not like she’s lacking the funds.

Sister #2 thought we should have booked a private room (which would have cost extra & therefor made sister#1’s head explode). Money IS an issue with sis #2...but she doesn’t live like it is...so...hooray for her?

My brother was a peach through it all...saying thanks to me for planning it all & drowning out his wife’s complaints over the menu choices by telling jokes at her expense (worked for me).

The great food & wine was a little bit wasted on me...because I spent most of the meal trying not to cough up my spleen...but all was fine in the end...Dad thanked me for planning it & Mom was happy (for now at least).

Thursday, May 10, 2007



Sorry I've been gone for a week...or didn't you notice? Ah well, I've been sidelined with a sinus infection that hit me like a runaway train...then when I was beginning to feel better...the train backed up & hit me again. OK...enough with the dramatics.

Lorrie has tagged me...& it's been awhile...so...here goes.

I'm supposed to give you 7 not yet public facts about me:

1. Most mornings I eat yogurt & granola for breakfast. I have to violently stir my yogurt a lot of times to get the day rolling. Anyone who's seen this has only stared silently.

2. I never wanted a tattoo...but am now hooked on watching Miami Ink & fascinated.

3. My ass has been twitching a lot lately (what does that mean?).

4. I can peel potatoes faster than you.

5. I believe the neighborhood rule is all about looking the other way when other teams cheat.

6. I can not live without my Chapstick. Go ahead...steal it from me & see what happens.

7. I can make myself come without touching myself (yay me).

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


More Fun with Flickr in the Rain

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