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Tuesday, December 21, 2004



I had that...I have to sneeze feeling, all day today.
You know, when you have an urge to...but can't quite get it out...
but it's right there on the surface ready to explode at any minute.
So unnerving.

The sneeze decided to blast itself out of me when I was just getting
up to speed on the treadmill at the gym. Now, I'm uncoordinated enough,
without things like this happening to throw me off. The sneeze took me by
surprise & with such sudden force, that my head flew down & hit the front
of the treadmill...which caused me to drop my locker key, which I then tripped
over. I lost my flimsy grip on balance & went flying off the back of the treadmill
like a bullet. By some miracle...I actually landed on my feet.
I'm still trying to figure out how I didn't land on my ass
in a big, ungraceful mess.

Luckily, only one other person witnessed this spectacular act of clumsiness.
He promptly gave me a lovely round of applause...when he stopped laughing.
He was laughing with me...not at me...right?
hopefully your gym has cameras and we'll be seeing that on America's Funniest Home videos soon.
I checked...thankfully...there were no cameras...I got lucky there...didn't I?
A lesser person would have already contacted a lawyer and begun the proceedings of a lawsuit against the treadmill manufacturer, but not you - you just post it on the internet for all of us to see.

I can't believe you landed on your feet - someone really should have had score cards - "9.5, you really stuck the landing!"
So did the guy try to hit on you? I would have been all over an opportunity like that. After I finished laughing, of course. With you, not at you.
lol........i can always count on you to help me start my day right
way to go chick.
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