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Monday, December 06, 2004


Mondays Suck

So...I walk into work this morning, totally unaware that my coworker
is wearing the exact same dress sweater dress today. It's the same coral pink
color & everything. A couple of things set us apart. My dress is a petite
(that's a kind way of saying...they chopped a half a mile of material off
the bottom, so it won't drag on the floor when I wear it). Her dress is one of
those willowy sizes (you know...extra tall & leggy). I'm wearing my funky black
boots with no heel at all. She's complimenting the dress with thigh high boots with a 4" heel. I would have worn mine too...but since I wasn't going
to a hooker convention, it hardly seemed appropriate.

It might seem like I'm just a little bit jealous...but really...I'm not.
Even so, I may stay in my office with the door closed for a large part of the day.
We just look silly walking around in the same damn dress
as if we are deranged bridesmaids.
damn, chick, i want to see you in this outfit ...

next time you've got your door closed, let me know, i'll stop by for a "visit"
but who looked better in it, huh? $5 says it's totally you... and she probably spent the better part of the day sobbing in the restroom... the restroom downstairs so no one would see her
Damn...you guys know how to make a girl feel better. You both have a standing invite to visit my office anytime : )
I totally stumbled across your blog, much like a vagrant stumbles across an unfinished bottle of Boones Farm and his day is made. Thanks for getting my day started off with a laugh.
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