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Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Princess & the Tree

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This weekend...once again...I braved the elements in order to find the perfect Christmas tree. I decided to do it in style this year. I looked sort of like...the snow princess in black jeans. That wasn't really the look I was going for...but...none the less, that's what my friend called me. If I knew that's the reaction I'd get, I would have topped it all off with a tiara (doesn't every girl have one?).

I wouldn't turn around...so my friend snuck up behind me & took this picture. It didn't even occur to me to wear a thong...but as you can see...I should have considered it.

look at you with your cute white boots! now i wish i lived on the east coast so i could wear cute winter clothes - in arizona, i get heat stroke if i wear a sweater - and i love me some sweaters
she is quite cute, now, isn't she?
i am loving it.
this picture thing you are on is great!
Nate is right. You're a little cutie, aren't you? That pic makes me want to run up behind you and throw my arms around you.
Gosh, there's a lot of helpful material above!
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