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Tuesday, December 14, 2004


...then she kissed me

Years ago, in a previous job, I had a fun manager. Her personality ran
hot & cold...but on her good days...she was too much fun. Yesterday’s post
reminded me of the time she was scheduled to do a presentation at a design
agency in the city. I was going to go with her, but only in a support role,
to answer questions & help out. On the way into the city, she springs
it on me...that she thinks I should give the presentation. Not a nice thing to do
to a girl who’s prone to FREAK OUT about these type of things. To make a long
story short...after I lost my shoe walking up to give the presentation...
all went well & we went out to celebrate & let off steam afterwards.
While sitting at the bar, she told me I did a kick ass job...
...then she kissed me...
and there was tongue...& I was shocked. I sort of think
she did it for the shock value. Hey, that was ok with me...she looked like
Julia Roberts...minus the oversized mouth. I sat there for a few seconds
completely unable to do anything...my mind was racing.
That’s when some idiot guy hit on her in an unwelcome way...
& the moment was lost forever. Like I said...she ran hot & cold
(so she was pissed for the rest of the night). If you ask me,
she had some problems handling her emotions. Anyway, that was one of my
“woulda, coulda, shoulda” almost lesbian moments.
what a delightful story --

too bad it couldn't have gone further...
what a delightful story --

too bad it couldn't have gone further...
I made out with a girl once (I'd been drinking and we were hanging out with some musicians... and come to think about it, she was a supervisor at my work) and then for two weeks, I could get that stupid "I kissed a girl" song out of my head... and now I don't even remember who sang that (and I'm not nearly bored enough at work to Google it)
It won't really have effect, I consider like this.
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