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Thursday, January 27, 2005


5 Questions

1. What public figure's passing affected you most in 2004?

I’d have to say, Rodney Dangerfield. I mean, how can you not miss a guy
who says things like, “My wife and I were happy for twenty years.
Then we met.”
His site makes me smile too.

2. What event (recently) would you have most liked to have witnessed first hand?

The end of Average Joe’s streak. Could that be considered an event?

3. What cartoon would you go live in for a week or a month?

Easy...Kim Possible (you’re right, Andy). All the characters are so fucking cute! I could have such fun being drawn that way.
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4. What song have you been listening to alot?

Sunday Morning by Maroon5. I play it over & over...I know I’ll be sick of it soon.

5. What are you doing or have done in response to the tsunami?

I’m planning on giving blood at the blood bank. I know, this has nothing
to do with the tragedy in East Asia, but it’s a life affirming
thing to do. And the are very low on supplies, so, I figure, this helps humanity
as a whole.

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