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Thursday, January 13, 2005


Name Something...

Feel like playing my game today?

Name something you would NOT do in public, that most people would do:

Blow my nose, really, when you think about it, do I want anyone to know
how much snot I have inside of me? It seems to me, this should be kept private.

Name something you WOULD do in public, that most people would not do:

Take my stockings off (if I have to even wear them in the first place)
...what are you going to see, anyway?

Name one recent fashion statement you could do without:

Have you seen those teeny, tiny half sweaters grown women are wearing?
You know, the one’s that are really only sleeves (don't they defeat the purpose
of wearing a sweater?).

Name one article of clothing you love though you know it's wrong:

I happen to own every imaginable style of maryjane shoe known to woman
(from flats, to very high pumps). Some of them are...well...just plain ugly
...but that doesn’t make me love them any less.

Name one thing (just one) you generally find physically attractive about the opposite sex:

It’s difficult to choose just one. Today, I’ll choose hands. Nice hands that are
well groomed, but not girlie, do it for me. Strong, powerful hands are
always a turn on.

Name one thing (still, just one) you generally find attractive physically about the your own sex:

Nothing beats a girl with a nice ass. It’s easy to fake other things.
You can make your boobs look better than they are with the right underwear,
but lovely asses are much harder to fake.

Name one thing you generally find emotionally admirable about the opposite sex:

Men have such a hardness about them (sure, there’s the obvious),
but there’s also a defined toughness that women don’t have in the same way.
I think that men are more powerfully tough in the moment,
where women have a strong endurance about themselves (ourselves?).

Name one thing you generally find attractive physically about the your own sex:

See above.

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