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Wednesday, January 05, 2005



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I've had these great pair of jeans for years. They are just the right shade
of faded blue. They fit me just right. It took me years to get them this way.
They don't squeeze me in an uncomfortably way, they hug me in all the right
spots. It may be time to let them go. The bottoms are frayed
(OK, I can live with that)...but now there's a big (gaping) rip developing
nicely right below my right ass cheek.

I put them on last Saturday morning and bent down to put on my socks
(RIP)...the ass tear expanded dramatically. My first thought was...
no one will notice. My second thought was...yeah, maybe they will
and I'll be stuck out in public exposing and freezing my ass of at the same time.

So, I sadly said goodbye.
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