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Monday, January 24, 2005


This Morning

Getting dressed in the locker room at the gym this morning,
I heard a shriek.

I turned around & heard...eeeewwww!!!

The totally naked girl across the row from me was standing there,
covered in (gym supplied) moisturizer & making a grossed out face.
(what would you do, if you were me?). I asked her what the problem was.
She said the moisturizer smelled really bad (& when I say she was covered
in it...this girl put lotion in places I wouldn’t even think of putting it).

I then proceeded to pick up the bottle of moisturizer, bring it extremely close
to my face & inhale. Damn if the girl wasn’t right. The stuff smelled like
overripe fruit that had been sitting in the sun too long. It smelled spoiled.

I dissolved in a fit of laughing. She told me it smelled bad...& yet my first
instinct was to get a nice big whiff of the stank myself.
We both started laughing.

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