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Monday, February 28, 2005


DICK...and Chick

This blog was Dick's idea. Really, it was. Apparently, I seem to be having more
fun with this site than he does. Dick had the nerve to accuse me of taking over
this blog...Funny how that happens...when the other person REFUSES
to show up! Dick claims that he doesn't know what to write here. I thought
a list of potential topics might lure him back...but I need some suggestions too.

My list of potential topics for Dick:

  • His divorce

  • His girlfriend

  • The fact that his gf had a wedding dress even before she met him

  • Why he wants to get remarried (so soon)

  • Why he loves Dolly Parton

  • Why he plays some CD's over & over & over (for hours on end)

  • Any additions to this list would be greatly appreciated.
    Anything, no matter how ridiculous or silly...will be considered.

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