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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Don't Touch That

I used to work with a germ freak. Every morning, he'd come in
& clean the surface of his desk (using noxious, toxic cleaning
fluids that I kept telling him were going to...ironically...KILL him).

I was reminded of him yesterday morning because The Today Show
is doing a series on germs. It's all rather creepy, if you ask me.
They are testing ordinary things that you touch every day.
What they are finding will make your skin crawl.

My germ freak friend would tell his children not to touch the handrails
on escalators. He thought that was one of the most lethal germ
environments. According to NBC...we wasn't just whistling Dixie.
NBC found; respiratory flora (spit...eeewwww) & candida albicans
(turns out this is vaginal in origin & hardy...double & triple...eeeewww!)
on the handrails of NYC escalators. I have a hard enough time just getting on
an escalator without killing myself, & now there is just no way in hell
that I'm going to touch the vile, cheesy, filthy, disgusting handrail.
I foresee a nasty fall coming my way.

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