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Friday, February 25, 2005


The Gates

If you happened to be in NYC at any time in the past 3 weeks...
it seems that you were obligated to head over to Central Park
to see the temporary artwork that is The Gates.
I wasn't going to go...but then I heard that they will be taken down
starting Monday. Did I want to miss a bona fide "art event"?
(I'd never been to one...so I figured...yeah...go & see what all the fuss is about).

As I walked up 7th Ave. nearing the park, a sea of orange (or saffron...
as the artists call it...but clearly, it is Home Depot orange) pops out at you
from between the trees. There were greeters at the park entrance giving out
fact sheets & samples of the 'saffron' material. (Maybe you had to be there...
but I thought this was cool). The greeters were also responsible for making sure
none of the gates got tangled in the wind. They walked from gate to gate
with big poles making sure all was right in this maze of 'saffron'. They happily
posed for my lame ass photos (& for that, I thank them). The project employed
hundreds of young artists who were involved in the planning & setup.

I came away thinking that any project that fosters artistic thinking & talent...
in the general public as well as in artists...can't be that bad.

...more photos.

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