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Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Happy February

I just caught a glimpse of a tacky cardboard cutout of a heart
on someone's office wall (& in this case, I know it wasn't a gift from her kid).
It's Pepto Bismal pink with fake lace around the outside.
If I was...oh...I don't know...maybe an eight year old girl,
I'd hang hearts like this all over my little girl room.
I'd paste them to my canopy bed. I'd stick one on my little brother's door
& he'd punch me in the arm while he crumpled it up.

Yeah, I know that Valentine's Day is coming up, I'm just not a fan.
I don't want to receive flowers because he feels obligated
(don't you just hate that word?) to get them for me,
due to this overly commercialized excuse for a holiday.
I don't want to go out for an over priced diner & have to endure lame service
& lukewarm food. I don't want a quickie while watching Sports Center.

I want all those things (except I DO want a great meal).
I want them because he actually WANTS to give them to me,
NOT because it's freakin' Valentine's Day.

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