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Friday, February 04, 2005


Happy #^*)ing Friday:

I'm so glad that it's finally Friday. So far, today:

My button popped off of my pants & shot across the room
(I'm still feeling bloated...& this definitely was NOT good
for my self-esteem today).

The lining of my shoe came undone (you know, when it slides
down into the depths of your shoe & gets all gummed up
by the ball of your foot).

The underwire of my bra is pinching me in an unpleasant way
(only under my left boob & it's a mystery as to why).

I have a tear in my panties (I may have gotten them stuck on the
bathroom cabinet handle this morning & I may have pulled them off
in a not so gentle way).

I hit myself in the eye with my phone because I was trying to answer
an important call in a hurry (cursing into the phone always leads
to a good first impression, right?).

& it's not even lunch time yet : (

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