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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


It Was a Fine Day After All

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OK...so my Valentine’s Day is over & it didn’t suck (hooray).

Hubby unexpectedly made me my tea in the morning & he didn’t even make
fun of me for putting soy milk in it (could I be one of the few people of earth
who actually like soy & tofu? He thinks I am).

He called me on my cell as I was driving to work, just to say, “hi”.

When I got home from work late, he had made the dinner I had planned.
How nice it was, to walk in the door to smells of garlic & red wine...
(he also bought my favorite red wine for me).

We didn’t exactly eat dinner by candlelight (does TV light count as romantic?).
There was a show on The Discovery Channel about aircraft carriers
(called Anatomy of a Supercarrier & it was surprisingly interesting...
we had to watch it because...you know...it’s Carrier Week...after all).

He cleaned up the kitchen for me (I’m not kidding when I say, seeing him
clean...is always a turn on).

We went upstairs to bed & I’m happy to say...he never did get to watch
Sports Center last night.

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