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Wednesday, February 09, 2005


My Faery

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It's hard not to believe in faeries when small, wonderful things appear
out of absolutely nowhere. The building I work in is normal in every way,
with one huge exception. The third floor ladies room has become a haven. Apparently, a faery has been hired. She put a pretty basket of potpourri
on the bathroom counter one morning. The next day, she couldn't leave well enough alone, I see that she's tied a very girlie pink ribbon on the handle
of the basket. Later, I see that she's but lavender hand creme on the counter.
A couple of days after that...another basket, this one is filled with tampons
(yeah, I know, all the comforts of home). The best one, the one that inspired this post, I came in this morning to find...mints on the counter!
I was in shock. (I can't eat mints from the bathroom...
but that's beside the point).
Sometimes it's the small things in life that make your day.

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