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Monday, February 07, 2005


Rednaked's Music Questions

Rednaked shared some interesting music questions on Friday,
here's my shot at it (this is for you too, Joe.)

Random 10

1. Everything But The Girl- Come on Home
2. Snow Patrol- Chocolate
3. Eminem- Mockingbird
4. The Band- Ophelia
5. Matthew Sweet- Everything Changes
6. Warren Zevon- Dirty Life & Times
7. Crowded House- Weather with You
8. The Donnas- It's So hard
9. Puddle of Mudd- She Hates Me
10. Lifehouse- Everything

Total amount of music files on your computer


The last CD you bought

Jet- Get Born. I love the rhythm of "Are You Gonna Be my Girl"
& the black & white graphics are great.

The last song you listened to before this message

Norah Jones- Turn Me on. I'm not a big fan of all of her songs but,
this song speaks to me in an unpretentious way "...My glass is waiting
for some fresh ice cubes ...I'm just sitting here waiting for you
...to come on home and turn me on ..."

Five Songs that mean a lot

1. Joan Osborne- St. Teresa
"...Oh, St. Teresa, higher than the moon
reach down for the sweet stuff, when she looks at me...
I know any man sees you like I see..."

2. The Pretenders- Kid
"...but you forgive though you don't understand
...all my sorrows, all my blues..."

3. Patsy Cline- Walkin' After Midnight
"...I'm always walkin' after
midnight searchin' for you..."

4. Bruce Springsteen- Secret Garden
"...She'll let you deep inside...
but there's a secret garden she hides..."

5. Kate Bush- This Woman's Work
(To be honest, Theresa reminded my of
this one)
"... All the things that you needed from me...all the things
that you wanted for me...all the things that I should've given...
I didn't..."

I'd really like to pass this to EVERYONE who finds there way here.

Is that a cope out?! Come on...just do it....please?

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