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Friday, March 11, 2005


Do You Have a Pole Up Your Ass?

Should I call Dick out on this one, or let it be? I
hate the whole stereotype of “women can’t get along
with each other”...it drives me crazy. The fact is, I
do have slightly more male friends than female
friends, but that might be due to the fact that I’ve
always worked with mostly men. It’s funny, along with
the goals of loving my job & doing my best, the other
goal I always have in any job is, finding a girlfriend
where I work. someone to go to lunch with. Someone to tell
me how much she loves my outfit & killer shoes. I find this to be,
usually, easier said than done. In my previous place of employment,
which Dick & I shared, our department was filled with about
45 men & three women (myself included). The two other
women had poles stuck so far up their asses, that they
couldn’t stop being uptight...ever. They’d literally
needed a written apology every time someone uttered
the dreaded word “fuck”. They’d say things to me like,
“That Dick, he certainly uses the f word a lot & that
isn’t right”(...seriously, they’d say things like that
to me). I don’t know what kind of response they were
expecting from me...but what they got was me laughing
till I had to pee & asking them what the fuck they
meant by ‘the f word”. They never laughed with me
(they didn’t appreciate the joke, sad, right? OK, it
wasn’t that funny, but it amused me...).

So, I seem to have contradicted myself by proving the
exact opposite of the whole “women can’t get along”
thing. But I still don’t believe it has to be true. The women
in blogland certainly do not seem to have poles up their asses
(& if they do, they seem to enjoy having them there). I love women
& appreciate most of them more than I can say. I look for similar
things in my women friends as I do it my male friends...someone
who knows how to laugh, whether it’s appropriate, or not, someone
I can trust & tell my secrets to (of course, they have to tell me theirs...
& secrets involving sex earn extra special bonus points).

Thanks to Dick, for the compliment...& it was a doozie...
I give him hope for the female species?
Sometimes, I’d have to say...yeah, baby...right back at you ; )

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