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Thursday, March 17, 2005


Happy St. Patrick's Day

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Less than a year ago, I was in Ireland.
I'd never been there before & I was excited.
My husband didn't want to go so, I went with
one of my sisters. I asked Dick if he wanted
to join us (he's always telling me that's the one place
he's wanted to travel). He didn't take me up on my offer.
It would have been a blast if he'd have come along...
but he didn't & I hope he's still kicking himself in the ass about it.

We traveled all along the wild Irish coast. The photo I've posted
was taken on our first day. The roads were narrow & my brain
was having a hell of a time getting used to driving a Citroen
on the wrong side of the road. More than a couple of times
we almost tumbled to our deaths coming around a crazy turn
...in the wrong lane...into oncoming traffic...& by traffic I mean
a Guinness truck (they were EVERYWHERE). You have to love
a country that has twice as many pubs as they do churches
...& they have ALLOT of churches.

They say that everywhere you travel...that place becomes a part of you
...know I know what they mean.

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